It’s time to help. Let’s don’t let another dragstrip disappear.

Yesterday a meeting took place about the future of Melbourne Raceway and the fundraising efforts which is already halfway to the 100k needed.
The meeting itself was well attended, chaired by Trevor from Straightliners, the driving force behind all of this and the Landowner Edward Rawbottom, who spoke incredibly well about the past but more importantly about the future of this drag racing venue and his desire to have it there.
The reopening can happen easily, with your financial support to get the new surface laid.
Initially, it is planned to resurface just over a 1/4 of a mile for two lanes, a 1/8th can be raced on with over a 1/8th to stop. Then in the future, it can be extended to run the full 1/4 if funds allow. All that will then be needed is the braking area resurfaced as the full 1/4 will already be there.
There are also plans to resurface the pit area too, but it is necessary to get this track open and running first.

If for some unseen reason this doesn’t go through everyone will get their money returned

Please check out the link below for full details and on how you can make a difference.…/motorcyc…/melbourne-raceway…