Santa Pod Raceway’s calendar of events from 1976 and 2019 show a stark difference.
Imagine the Phelps family trying to build a drag strip and the UK scene with a total of only 10 events and only a few of them major ones.

You had no social media or mass advertising options available, unlike today.
That season the entire “Don Garlits” Easter meet gate takings money was stolen meaning they then had to start again with a modest bank loan.
But in just 2 years later though we had the likes of Sammy Miller, Ray Beadle and Gene Snow which is a testament to the time, commitment and money that the Phelps family gave to UK drag racing.

The 2019 calendar equally shows the amazing job Keith Bartlett and the Santa Pod team have done in building the Pod to the venue that we have today.
No only drag racing events but all kinds of other diverse events that you need to host to survive and grow these days.