VW Action – Peak Performance – Santa Pod Raceway 02/09/2018

Some images from VW Action/Peak Performance day at Santa Pod.
A great family event which is mainly VW based but also includes a few others groups and classes thrown in for good measure. I witnessed some very quick VW’s like 7 second TT’s and some crazy quick Polo’s.
I also saw some personal ET’s from the Supercharged Outlaws and some tasty UK Pro mods were testing.

Sam Freeman’s lovely slingshot dragster has been built from scratch.
The guys have ironed out some early issues and the car was producing some huge power yesterday.
It all looks very promising for the Hot Rod Drags.

Andy Hadfield told me in the morning he was going to run in the 7.5 zone and did just that.
A stunning new PB of 7.599 at a huge 179.25 mph from the street driven monster altered.

Kirsten eyes wide open and concentrating.
She ran a new PB of 8.282 at 167.30 MPH

The ICE Automotive boys debuted their new project, a turbocharged Pro Mod.
The project FIA car made it to the track late in the day and performed a burnout. A small fuel issue prevented the car from making it down the track but it was still a giant leap forward for the team.

8.11 at 165.45 MPH

Street legal 8.26 at 170.46 MPH.

Some more images