Santa Pod Raceway FIA/FIM Main Event 2018

Fri 25th to Mon 28th May 2018

The 2018 Santa Pod Raceway Main Event certainly lived up to its billing. The new track surface brought record-breaking runs and a racing surface consistency that we’ve never had before had in the UK.

They tell me the track can only get better over time and should be settled and perfect by the Euro Finals.

I would like to personally thank all the racers who made it such a fantastic weekend. Also the Santa Pod staff and track crew, marshalls and security staff who work really hard for days to make these events possible.

I have a load of images to sort through but for now, I have sorted out a nifty fifty

Michael Gullqvist proved he’s still top dog in Pro Mod.

My old school buddies Keith and Jim won the Pro ET class.

Darren, Eric wants to run the rocket bike wearing his trainers.

Never ceases to amaze me

Stig on his way to the event title

Paul and crew try to start Kev’s car but it wouldn’t have it.

Father and Daughter meet in the first round of Super Street Bike. Steve finished the weekend with a new FIM et record of 6.928 seconds

Duncan Micallef’s car was a bit off the pace.

Scott Crookston has hit the ground running in his Outlaw Anglia

Hats off to the Nitro Funny chaps for keeping the class alive. Steve Ashdown split the body on one run.

I just love the Supertwins. Here’s Ronny Aasen giving us a golden photo opportunity

Kev run really well until the DNS

Graham Smith had gas issues.

Johny Lagg run really well but just couldn’t beat the Habermanns.

Kim Kristiansen in the pretty Firebird

Timo on hos way to TMD win

Jeff Bull getting Belinda ready

Anita looked like she would win it the event but it wasn’t to be.

Kevin Chapman did well to control the car after it’s look at the wall after this oil problem. The car did sound super strong though

Neil Midgley is getting quicker and more comfortable with the bike on every pass.

Well done to team Bubblegum.

Margot Schmidt

Liam was looking good until the cherry.

Jake Mechaell did really well in SSB

Jndia Erbacher and the team didn’t have the best weekend.

Peter Wacker still has one of the prettiest Pro Mods in Europe.

The look of a man just about to join the record books.
Richard Gustafsson ran an astounding 250.55 MPH pass

Antti Horto looked like he could win the event and ran super strong

Sometimes less is more. Jan Ericsson

Andy Robinson is one of the top runners in 2018.

Steve Johnson

Robin Orthodoxou

Martin Hill and the FireForce team were stunning all weekend with several 300+ passes

Chris Orthodoxou

Enjoying the sun

Jacqueline Bartlett

Enjoying the sun 2

Filippos Papafilippou was just amazing in Top Fuel Bike running the 4th quickest pass ever.

Filippos Papafilippou

Mikael Kågered

Tony Betts ran great numbers in Nostalgia Funny Car.