Award-winning brand Kestrel Beer has renewed its sponsorship agreement with Santa Pod Raceway, the UK’s most action-packed drag racing venue. The package sees Kestrel continue the high-profile sponsorship as the official Left Lane Sponsor at the north Bedfordshire motorsport venue.
Kestrel was acquired in 2012 by Nigel McNally, founder and CEO of Brookfield Drinks Ltd., who said: “As a bold brand we continue to develop interesting and exciting properties that communicate the originality and personality of a beer that’s been enjoyed since the 1980s.”
The brand has undergone a recent design overhaul which is part of the brand’s repositioning strategy. In addition to this, the range has been extended to introduce two other products alongside the iconic Kestrel Super Premium lager. Kestrel continues to be one of the most enjoyed British lager brands and is achieving strong sales performance in the UK off-trade and in international markets.
Mr. McNally continued: “We at Kestrel Beer are extremely excited to be continuing our partnership with Santa Pod Raceway as part of our ongoing investment in the Kestrel beer brand. Santa Pod is an iconic venue which has constructed the foundation for Kestrel to become a brand linked with the motorsport industry and a continuation of the sponsorship will play a pivotal part in our communications strategy going forward, focussing on driving the awareness of Kestrel beer with a new audience. In addition to the sponsorship agreement, Kestrel has negotiated continuation of the Pourage rights for Kestrel beer as the only draught lager at Santa Pod. The beers have been received extremely well by visitors at Santa Pod. The results from the initial sponsorship and supply duration have been encouraging, so we are looking forward to continuing to build this relationship over the next few years and beyond.”
Santa Pod’s Commercial Manager, Caroline Holden, said: “We are delighted to announce the continuation of Kestrel Beer as our Left Lane Sponsor. This great-tasting draught beer has proved extremely popular with Santa Pod‘s customers and has outsold all previous brands. Our Lane Sponsorship is one of the highest-profile programmes on offer and we look forward to continuing the relationship throughout 2024 and beyond.”
Images:Santa Pod Raceway