At Dragstalgia, we were lucky enough to see the best fuel altered in the world run (and win) for a final time before its well-earned rest. On Saturday my great friend Stuart Mitchell got to fulfil his late wishes and take a ride in Havoc in the chute pack.

I was lucky enough to capture this image of Havoc on that run in his favourite wide angle style of photography and I think he would have been pleased with it, after some mickey taking.
What I didn’t notice until looking at this image was the beam of light coming down on the car from behind that cloud, almost like he was back in his favourite place on the track.

In support of the Crohn’s disease which Stu and thousands of others suffer with I have decided to try and sell some prints of this image and will donate all the profits to his Crohn’s and Colitis UK donation page.
In return, you get an image of Havoc in its final outing for quite a while(without watermark)
Total cost including shipping for an A4 print is £7.

If you don’t want a print you can also make a donation on the page that was set up for Stuart below.

I must personally thank Nick Brooke Langham and Nick Davies, Santa Pod Raceway and the whole Havoc AA/FA Fuel Altered Racing team for making Stu’s request happen. I know he would be so chuffed with what happened..