After what has been a disastrous start of the year for Santa Pod Raceway, UK Drag Racing, its fans, racers and spectators – the venue finally opened the track to a limited amount of cars and bikes. Albeit without the much needed paying public. Plenty of signs and precautions were in place for social distancing and safety and it was great to be back at the track with the camera and to watch some drag racing.

Santa Pod has had its fair share of problems and challenges over the years, but I think it’s fair to say that right now is one of its biggest. If you can help in any way financially, by purchasing advanced tickets or merchandise, I’m sure it would help to try and secure its future.

One of the most unusual and interesting cars to debut at the track was the “Ugly Pacer”. The AMC Pacer was a two-door compact car produced in the United States from the 1975 to 1980 but I don’t think they ever imagined one could look like this.

The car was built by Steve Wright and son in law Steven Spiller. The engine is a methanol burning 509 big block Chevy, with all the right parts inside. Solid dart heads, JD rocker gear, 14-71 blower, 2 speed glide gearbox, speed freak torque converter, 4500 stall. Andy Robinson built the chrome molly chassis and it’s tagged to 7.50. Car is to be driven by Steven and the ambition is to test this year and hopefully get somewhere near a 7 sec run next year.

The car will be back on track at the Nostalgia Drags on the 1st and 2nd August 2020

Arnie Pannent had a turbo charged AMC at the track and run down into nines.

John Tebenham was providing the photographers loads of cool burnout images

World-renowned drag racing photojournalist Andy Wilsheer, was rocking some lovely golden locks because of the no barber lockdown rules.

Al Smith and the team were testing the fuel bike at the Santa Pod “back on track” day.
Unfortunately, the cam belt broke on the first hit, finishing their day early

The Williams Bros racing new ’55 was looking splendid in the sun and needed no time to find 11 second consistency.

SPR track announcer Colin Theobald was shaking down “Bruce” that has had a whole bunch of Williams Bros racing upgrades.

Some Jnr Dragsters were testing

Santa Pod’s James Forster was shaking down his new ride and showed loads of promise.

One of the prettiest and quickest little slinghsots in UK

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