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 #6540  by tony morris
Could not fine a posting just for this great little mini van so I thought i would start one with picture's my sister Andrea and I have.

These are from Mainz Finthen in 1980


This one is at Hockenheim in 1987 with the new french owner behind the wheel.


Glad to see it's back home and I wish I was there to see it back at the track.

 #6553  by tony morris
I'm in to collecting Corgi mini's and have around 300-400 in total, when I saw this on a mini model website I was surprize that Corgi never released it.


 #6557  by ukdrn
I would have loved that when I was younger, still would today :)
 #6558  by Badger
I wonder which cars Corgi did consider before finalising the production list we're familiar with?

That's cool Tony, they could of made it too .. the body existed from the green surf board model from the mid sixties catalogue and those wheels were used on the other drag models in the series..

For some reason they decided to go with a mix of models of 'real cars' and invented stuff - Adam's dragster and the Mustang - (name escapes me). I wonder if it was a timing thing, maybe they had finalised the range when Stipteaser came along in that guise??

Whatever thanks for showing us it!
 #9674  by martyn b
I thought I would add a few more photos to this thread which was very quiet, given the mentions on the Jag power thread
stripteaser v panic.jpg
stripteaser v panic.jpg (66.36 KiB) Viewed 5749 times
stripteaser vs Bond.jpg
stripteaser vs Bond.jpg (128.82 KiB) Viewed 4949 times
Stripteaser.jpg (130.31 KiB) Viewed 4948 times
Hillbillies+Stripteaser.jpg (171.19 KiB) Viewed 4953 times
 #9678  by timetravel
That's a great shot at the bottom of Stripteaser in 1970 in it's first guise at an NDRC Santa Pod meet. Without black windows you can see Bob Messent sitting against the back doors which sometimes came open as he bounced up the strip! Good to see the seldom seen steel bodied mouse powered Hillbillies Topolino too........
 #9686  by FordCorsair
My contribution to this worthy thread

Blackbushe - May 1983

Blackbushe - Oct 1983
 #9690  by shabby1
Superb 1970 photo of Stripteaser in original guise and alongside Hillbillies original steel
bodied car,brilliant- probably was at that meet but don't have any photos
 #12461  by herb andrews
A friend of mine, Neil Paterson, sent some old pictures which I will be putting up soon, heres one of the metal bodied Stripteaser at Blackbushe in the 70's to be getting on with. Was it scrapped when the current glass body/new chassis was made?

The first Stripteaser, at Blackbushe 70's.jpg
The first Stripteaser, at Blackbushe 70's.jpg (44.55 KiB) Viewed 4270 times