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Another image to add to the collection on this topic, not from an obscure source, but a mainstream book published in 1981. Entitled: “Drive It! - The Complete Book of British Drag Racing” published by Haynes - the automotive workshop manual specialists - authors: David Hardcastle & Peter Jones.

Nuggets of info taken from the accompanying text include;
that Barry was helped by “Jim and Tim Read of Team Readspeed” - in addition to the likes of FGR, H&H Racecraft and others.

“One problem Barry did have was obtaining fuel. It took him six months to convince the sole British manufacturer that he was not about to kill himself or a large number of onlookers.”

Maybe he would have had more luck obtaining the hydrogen peroxide by saying he was a hairdresser?!

The photo was part of the press launch at SPR’s Fireworks meeting in November 1977.
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