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 #35792  by southern rebel
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Badger wrote:Anyone know the origin of the Southern Rebel Topo? Looks like a 70's chassis .. with that high sided cage.
Hi,hope I might be able to help with southern rebel,my names Andy Hancock and I was the owner/driver of the original southern rebel.above are 3 pictures,the top one is of the car when I purchased the car in the mid 80s,the bottom one is how it was when I had the car the middle one was after it was sold
The car was bought from Nick Sephton and sold to a gentleman near Brands Hatch
The car was raced under the NDRA and won the championship in 1990
Would love to know the whereabouts of the car now and have the opportunity to buy it back
Hope this helps with your question,if you wish to know any more info,please don't hesitate to contact me
 #35804  by ukdrn
Andy - Charlie Draper has kindly wrote to me with the following information.

"I think the guy that had it near Brands Hatch was Trevor Capewell who kept the name and if it was it no longer exists. The Body for sure went on the Wratten's 351 pro et car after having the front and scoop remoulded, the front end is on a low rider hot rod T bucket. The rear axle was sold on but the chassis was scrapped"
Sorry for the bad news Andy
 #35982  by ukdrn
Perfect IMO.
Click for a nice big version of this :lol:
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 #38674  by timetravel
Good looking Topolino on the Dragstalgia entry list, entered by Paul Mussenden.
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It looks like it's flathead powered and I saw one like this on American Ebay a few months back...

It reminds me of Ian Garbutt's flathead Topolino from '67...
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 #38675  by ukdrn
I noticed that as well Nick, very nice.
I have to be honest and say that I'd never seen a real (complete) one before seeing this 1937 example at Shuttleworth on Sunday. Very nice little car.

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 #38677  by Merrykneessnr
Great to see Nostalgia Topolino's coming back. Looking forward to the Nic Davies build but Havoc will be something else for this years Dragstalgia.
We will be over for Dragstalgia too.
Pic below is last years, it's changed since then. Full feature in Custom Car due out 20th this month [June]
ImageDragfest 2015 (177) by Ian Merryweather, on Flickr
ImageDragfest 2015 (116) by Ian Merryweather, on Flickr
 #38678  by ukdrn
I can't wait to see the car Ian, thanks for making the effort to bring it over.
 #38679  by jai_ford
Hi Ian heard the other week it was coming to dragstalgia can't wait to see your car in the flesh looks mint , love the topolinos wouldn't mind a 96" bad habit replica or super rat myself one day
P.s your cars come a long way since I had the front end top work!
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