Do you own or know the whereabouts of a piece of UK Drag Racing History or just want info on a particular machine.

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 #69  by timetravel
Here's some pics of the Mooneyes slingshot last raced in this country by Calvin Evans with the Wild Bunch in the mid '90s and originally put together by Les Turner in 1965.....It now resides in Holland and is owned by W. Wouterse who took these pics.....Image Image Image Image Image Image

 #122  by muddytalker
.....and here's a couple of Calvin taken at Avon Park Raceway in 1995 by freelance photographer Paul Duxbury. The first season for the Wild Bunch.



 #142  by muddytalker
Just found another Dick Parnham shot of Calvin at the 30th anniversary Santa Pod Main Event in 1996. Representing the Wild Bunch. Calvin was joined by Martin Holgate (Paranoia), Dave Grabham (Freddy's Revenge), Paul Dale (Black Topper Fiat), and the 'Backdraft' slingshot of Chris Hartnell.


 #145  by timetravel
Actually there were six Wild Bunch entries at the '96 Main Event as I was there too in my Bob Nixon built Black slingshot. I remember we waited for ages in the staging lanes with the big boys and when it was our turn to qualify it rained ending the days activities so we fired up and drove up the strip in the rain. The next day I got shutdown by Crazy Chris when I used my nitrous for the first time and got outta shape off the line..... Image Image

 #153  by muddytalker
Sorry for not giving you a mention Nick. When I pulled the ‘96 Main Event programme from the file your ‘Honest Charlies’ slingshot wasn’t listed.

Also in shot is Pelle Lindelow’s ex Kenny Bernstein Top Fueler, Alan Jackson’s Old’s Acheiva Top Alcohol Funny Car, Frank Bennett’s ‘Trans World’ Topolino, the Dodge Daytona of Lex Joon and Dave Wilson’s ‘Krypton’ dragster.

 #169  by MotorPsycho
could that be Peter Kruse's Daytona not Lex's?

don't remember Lex carrying Valvoline that early? could be wrong though

 #172  by TimeMachine
Fairly certain it is Lex's - I remember him being at most UK meets when we were running the first alky car.
 #32689  by David Kipling
Feb 3rd 2013: Thanks to enthusiasts who own or have owned parts of the Les Turner dragster, some of its story is now on my website, on the EARLY BRITISH DRAG RACING page. The chassis and engine parts certainly went walkabout, and I sense that its story is not finished by a long chalk ! :D
 #38247  by MisteR Tee
Resurrecting this topic as the story is defintely not finished! It's now up for sale with Perry in Holland for 8000 Euros, a Frenchman I know (he wanted to buy Spirit before I got it) is very interested. :D
 #38249  by timetravel
Lets hope it whoever buys it brings it back out onto the black top again.

As far as know there's only one other dragster still running that was racing at the Pod in '66.