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I thought I would write a report about what turned out to be a great weekend for British drag racing.
It wasn't just special because it's was about the most exciting drag racing class for me, but also all of my favourite fuel altereds including our very own 'Havoc' entry all doing battle at the best drag race meeting on the planet.

I wasn't there but followed the event by social media and the live stream and have collected some media items with permission to write this feature.
Image: Andrew Green
Image: Andrew Green
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Going into the event, 6 of the 12 cars entered in the AA/FA class had already run quicker than our lads and I think it's fair to say the odds were stacked against them. This didn't mean that we all didn't think that we had no chance, we just knew it would be tough and maybe might need a bit of luck on the way.

Friday was rain delayed and after a late night watching the NHRA video feed, the class wasn't going to run :(

Saturday night came (UK) and the feed was back on. As they don't seem easy to come by, Adam Gleadow had kindly posted the running order on Facebook so after checking the timetable I could see the fuel altereds were going to have two runs.
After a few track delays and explaining to my wife that I didn't think I would be coming out of my room that night (poor wife) it was time for the Fuel Altereds.
Bang: 6.13 @ 232 mph, was that real? A massive new PB. Facebook comes alive, private messages are being exchanged everywhere and do you know what, we do have a fighting chance of doing well, maybe really well.
After a couple more hours it was off to bed, I Pad and headphones on and back on the stream.
Tapping away sending messages to other drag racing fans (poor understanding drag racing wife) and watching the other great classes we get to the 2nd qualifier.
A 6.15 at 230mph, never underestimate the Brits........Now we're all starting to dream of what might be but we have a long painful wait until Sunday's qualifier just to see if we can make the final.
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Sunday evening comes and after the usual ritual of trying to get a running order and working out what UK time this is going to happen, I'm sat in my room ready again with the feed on monitor 2 (poor wife, the season really is over love)

3 rd qualifying session.
Brain Hope runs a stunning 5.92 in Pure Hell. Well done team
Havoc runs a 6.99. Bugger, I wish I had checked what the format was before the race, are we in or not? Thankfully Nick himself goes on Facebook and explains the format, Chicago style, take each racer's fastest pass, anything below 6.00 is disallowed.
Havoc will take on Nanook in the final :-)
Fans who have followed the Havoc US tour will remember the great race between these two at Bowling Green which Nick just about took with both cars running 6.44
At the US 131 Northern Nationals from Martin, Michigan, Nanook got revenge
This will be as tight as it could be.
Image:Andrew Green
Image:Andrew Green
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Image:Andrew Green
Image:Andrew Green
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Later on and back in bed. I Pad charged and ready to go.(poor wife) Typing to friends like Neil Dikes whos at work trying to watch the race on a poor 4g signal on his mobile and some other drag racing nuts we are ready.

Around 1 am UK time (I guess) we're ready to go.
Both cars burnt out and staged. It's a close race and due to the quality of the stream, I can't see who's won until the announcer tells us, it's Havoc. YES (sorry love, I didn't mean to wake you up but we've done it, grumble &^%^%$^) :shock:

What a great race for everyone and what a win. Another PB as well.
That little short green altered from the UK has only just run a 6.11 and won the California Hot Rod Reunion.*F^% Me
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Video:Tony Thacker.

I'm so proud of what these 3 guys have achieved at this event. In the end, they didn't need any luck. Not only did they run quicker than ever before but were really the class act of the whole field.
They went to the USA and beat them in there own backyard which is never easy.
It kinda took over my weekend (and my poor wife's) but was well worth it.

Of course, this whole dream deal of Havoc racing in the USA would never have happened if it wasn't for a whole load of people including
Rat Trap Racing and all the Hope family, Beech Underwriting, USAutomotive, the NFAA, Lucas Oils, ARP Fasteners, Goodyear Tyres, Motorstate Distributing, VP Race Fuels, Thacker & Friends and the Sherratt family
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Image:Andrew Green
Image:Andrew Green
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Image:Andrew Green
Image:Andrew Green
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Image:Andrew Green
Image:Andrew Green
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Fuel Altered racing doesn't get its reputation of the most exciting drag racing class for no reason.
As we know short wheelbase cars with huge motors running on nitro has to come with some risk.
Over the weekend there were some wild rides for a few of the cars like Kurt Cruise's bucking Topolino Bad News pass ... aab25.html

Sadly I have to end this post and pay due respect to racer Brett Henry.
During qualifying on Saturday, Brett crashed his 'Iron Mistress' AA/FA and succumbed to injuries and passed away on Sunday.
My thoughts go out to his family, team and friends.
R.I.P Brett.
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 #39553  by ukdrn
Q2 video from the team. I love these unedited videos.
It's a potato bug BTW. Paralyse you from the waist down ;-)
 #39566  by hot rod trimmer
im so glad that I was there to see this with a fan club of 18 others I bought with me to support havoc , its the first time in my life to be proud of waving the union jack even though de faced with HAVOC written on it .
the yanks gave us the best welcome ever and were as chuffed as we were when that light lit up in the right lane to confirm we did it ......
for as long as I live I don't think I will have a week like that ever again "EPIC" .
Ii love the go pro footage when nick thinks he has lost until rob tells him and when it sinks in nick sais "WE WON THE F@@KIN REUNION"

history was made that day and I will treasure it for life ............well done nick , rob, scott and everyone else involved