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 #39354  by ukdrn
The Santa Pod season opener was a cold but enjoyable meeting with some good racing and promising performances for the season ahead
The meeting had the biggest gathering of jets seen at a European track, ever I think.
Sadly Roger Goring still had some teething issues with the newly built Firestorm car and couldn't make the show but I'm confident we will see some blazing performances from the stunning jet.
After a successful show in Dubai "Fireforce 3" was still on its way back to the UK after being lost in a container on a ship for 3 weeks.

Gerd Habermann's Jet School Bus.
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It was nice to see Fireforce 4 out testing.
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Smallest jet on site but boy did it make a noise.
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The biggest flame show award went to Julian Webb. The car also ran really well.
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Side by by Jet car racing is much better than singles.
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The wind turbines...
I was as shocked and disappointed as most people when I saw that some of these had gone up in the close season.
The view that I had always known had changed forever. But I have to say that personally, it didn't really bother me at all whilst at the track.
I even camped under one (had no choice really :-) ) and the noise was minimal and didn't affect my rubbish sleep pattern one bit.
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Liam Jones was testing some new parts and ran a quickest ever 60ft on a cold track.
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Tony Betts make a great debut in his stunning NFC. After just one checkout pass we were treated to some side by side NFC racing with the Venom car showing great promise. Dues to a few small issues Tony wasn't able to do the full quarter but the car will be challenging for the top NFC spot in no time at all.
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Still top of the pile at the moment is Apache.
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The Wild Bunch had a small entry but we were treated to some fantastic runs from Team Hawkins in the TT1 and TT2 slingshots.
The Final was one of the best races of the weekend with Tom just edging dad with a 7.5543 on a 7.55 dial in.
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I just love Ron Barletts car
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Steve Venables.
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It ran on Diesel. It was from Portugal. It smoked alot but dam it was quick. 9second passes.
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Another great looking Ford from Colin Felstead.
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More later...
 #39356  by ukdrn
New Gladitor FC pilot Birgitte Bremnes is a fantastic addition to fuel FC.
I'm sure she will do a fantastic job.
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 #39361  by timetravel
good to see the Time Traveller digger running strong and taking the Wild Bunch win... not bad for a 50 year old car :shock:
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