Do you own or know the whereabouts of a piece of UK Drag Racing History or just want info on a particular machine.

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 #31990  by ukdrn
Here's the first batch that Dave has kindly sent.
It's great to see that the bike looks in fantastic condition 8)

What's the blue bike behind it Dave, looks like a really familiar funny bike?
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 #31991  by Davemiles123
The bike behind is a funny bike, FB43 orient express built frame I believe with a Kawasaki turbo on petrol..
Believe there were two of them but that's all I know really.. Any info would be great if anyone has any..
 #31994  by Geofstilwell
From the pictures it looks like Graham Nashs Riceburner which was built for graham by Kosman in the states. Could be wrong of course.
 #31996  by IanFeltell
Hello when the last time the Penetration 2 bike has an outing or a run out?
Are you bringing the bike out to the track in near future cos it would be great if you can especially at Dragstalgia at Santa pod raceway or Shakespeare raceway? 8)
 #31999  by jaytee
Dave that's some collection you've got there,nice to see the bike in such good condition, did you fit the Goodyear slick
 #32011  by ukdrn
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 #32022  by Davemiles123
The Goodyear slick was fitted along the way at some point but have no idea when..
And as for running it, we have never done so.. from the records ray used to run a very high nitro mix but after speaking to Andy Robinson he assures me it can be run up on just methanol so maybe next year when we get a little spare time my grandad may just let me get it out and fire it up as we have never heard it run..
 #32023  by IanFeltell
please do and get it out it will be good :) if not no worry but i love to visit and see the bike sometime next year if that possible? which part of the UK are you in?