Do you own or know the whereabouts of a piece of UK Drag Racing History or just want info on a particular machine.

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 #36723  by MrMotormind
Here's what I bought recently on eBay, for 99 pence!!!
This is an original photograph of possibly the first Allard Dragon under construction in the Allard workshop.
Dragon 2.JPG
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Phil Waters owned image.

Sydney Allard is clearly visible sitting in the driver's seat. I am guessing that one of the other two gentlemen must be David Hooper, Chief Draughtsman and Engineer, but would like confirmation of who they are, please.
Dragon 1.JPG
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It is a 7.5 x 5.7 inch print on photographic paper by the photographer, from the original negative. The reverse side bears a rubber stamped imprint as follows:

No. 21730/2
Douglas C. Morris and Co.
322 Brixton Road S.W.9
Tel: Brixton 3619 (? number is indistinct)

No date is given, but clearly this photograph was commissioned by the Allard works. so I'm guessing late 1963 or early 1964.
Dragon 3.JPG
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Dragon 4.JPG
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If you look closely you will see that the image shows a 'work in progress'. Note the following:
1. The frame is unpainted, weld marks are clearly visible.
2. The fuel tank and exhaust headers are different to any of those shown in other photographs.
3. The engine appears to be supported by an object beneath the sump and is tilted forwards slightly.
4. The rear wheel appears to have only one retaining nut fitted.
5. Most importantly the 'bodywork' appears to be a doctored image of the bare frame to give the impression of bodywork. It differs slightly in shape from other well known pictures, and shows no apparent folds, bends, firewall, rear panel or fasteners to fix it to the frame.

I would be most interested to hear comments from those of you who may be able to give some further information on this historic image.

Many thanks,
Phil Waters.
 #36727  by MisteR Tee
Great find, need to compare it with the ones still running to see what differences have evolved. Like all race cars, they do change all the time to suit variable specs & equipment availability.
 #36730  by ukdrn
I seemed to think that this guy thinks his supercharger is from a Dragon.
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 #36731  by muddytalker
According to Adrian Sidwell's vehicle spec for his Opus, and I quote 'a Dragster Allard Shorrock C142' supercharger set, which we think probably came from the Magazine prize giveaway Allard Dragon (like Alan Smith's Avanti).
 #36732  by jaytee
muddytalker wrote:According to Adrian Sidwell's vehicle spec for his Opus, and I quote 'a Dragster Allard Shorrock C142' supercharger set, which we think probably came from the Magazine prize giveaway Allard Dragon (like Alan Smith's Avanti).
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 #36733  by ukdrn
Somebody on Facebook claims to have been in touch with somebody who is restoring one.
I've asked for more details and will share them when i have them.
 #36734  by MrMotormind
jaytee wrote:great photo..could that be a cardboard mock up for the bodywork
Thanks for all the great responses guys! I never expected to make the front page of the forum!

With regard to the 'bodywork', what you can all see on my original post is an image on your computer screen of a photograph I took of the original photograph! There will inevitably be some loss of definition as a result of this. Looking closely at the original photo print, the edges of the 'body panels' appear very sharp, as though they have been carefully cut with a scalpel, whereas the other straight lines on the frame are not quite so clearly defined. You can also see that there is a shadow on the inside of the front wheels. With this back lighting I would also expect to see a slightly darker tone on the body side panels if they were real. Also there is a little bit of airbrush retouching evident behind the rear wheel.

Whilst waiting for the eBay auction to finish (and desperately hoping not to be out bid at the last moment!) I did a fair amount of research on Dragons, and was wondering if the car shown in my pic could be the same one pictured some time later with the Beach Boys?
Beach Boys Dragon 1.jpg[/attachment [attachment=0]Beach Boys Dragon 2.jpg
Beach Boys Dragon 2.jpg
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Beach Boys Dragon 1.jpg
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