Do you own or know the whereabouts of a piece of UK Drag Racing History or just want info on a particular machine.

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 #1772  by ukdrn
I know we have talked about the rear engined funny car ''Sundance'' on the forum but does anyone have any info or pictures on the ''Sundowner'' rail or team sun in general? Anyone know what happend to the car when the team stopped racing?
I also remember an article on the team that was made up like a mock Sun Newspaper.
Here's a picture I took of the car.

 #1795  by Glenn R
I have got some pics of Sundowner I'll try to dog them out also they ran a Corvette (Sunray?) was this the the old 19th Nervous Breakdown car, anyone know?

 #1927  by muddytalker
Not too sure Glenn. According to the February 'Drag Racing News' article, the Corvette was named ‘American Pie’ and was driven by Tony’s wife Carol. Powered by a carburated 427, the ‘Sunray’ Corvette was one of the quickest A/Modifieds in the land establishing national records in the mid elevens at 122 mph. This photo by Bob massey was taken at Long Marston in 1977. Image I sometimes see Carol now and again with husband Dave working a Toy Fair stall selling American racing and custom car models at Donington and the NEC.

 #2257  by Millevanille
To be brutally honest the funny car, nor the fuel car ever ran well.
I think Tony made the classic mistake that many did in those days, which was to make the car look amazing, as we had all seen in " Hot Rod", but not spend the money where it mattered in the horse power department.
I know I was guilty of this in Mr Shift, funny car looks, with middle comp altered performance. Its we just so desperately wanted to look the part, but couldnt afford the real thing.Image
 #4202  by muddytalker
I take it this was the spoof article you are on about Jon! Taken from the pages of 'Custom Car' (what else) May 1977 when it was just 40 pence.
 #4203  by muddytalker
While looking for the spoof Sun article I came across this one from the Birmingham Evening Mail. The photo was taken in Tony's front drive way in Sutton Coldfield, not a stone throw from where I am now.
 #4209  by ukdrn
That's the article Jerry,thanks for finding and posting it. Seeing that has made me realise I've lost a box of magazines somewhere because I'm sure I had it myself.
I did have a big collection of Custom Car but made the mistake years ago of cutting them up and putting the items I wanted in a scrap book which I then lost in a house move, how I regret that now.
 #4673  by muddytalker
In the good ole seventies 'Team Sundowner' used to get everywhere including Top Trumps Super Dragsters.
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 #4681  by ukdrn
I forget they had one on those cards Jerry.I know the teams cars never run really quick but I have always had a liking for the weird and wild side of the sport.
Here's a picture taken with my little 110 camera back in 1977, you can see the cars just behind a red Stormbringer.
 #6127  by Glenn R
It's great to see that Tony Froome is soon to back in an alcohol FC. Do you reckon there's any chance of a retro Sundance (was the funny cay Sundance?) type paint job?