Do you own or know the whereabouts of a piece of UK Drag Racing History or just want info on a particular machine.

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 #1218  by Badger
this pic was taken at York in 84. Looking good in the hands of the B&H Autocraft duo. It was around very long though .. haven't heard of the car since. Any ideas?


 #1454  by thestonesarelegends
That brings back some memories. My dad has a beautiful picture of Tender Trap on his Villa wall in Cyprus, he worked alongside Dave and Dennis, Gerry Andrews during the stones finer years. He is still in contact with Dave and it was a sad loss when Dennis passed away. I will try and get a picture and attach next time.

 #1470  by ukdrn
Here's a picture and an article of the whole team from the Oct 73 issue of 'National Drag Racer'

 #1475  by Baby Stone
Hi, my Dad still hasn't seen this forum as I am still trying to explain the interent to him (ha ha) but I will have a look for more pitcures at the weekend as I am sure he has family photos with the cars in them somewhere. My kids think it's really funny to see their Grandad looking so young!

 #1478  by NITRO
is that hemi hunter that roy wilding now ownes?

 #1481  by herb andrews
Yes. After the Stones it was owned by Doug Bond, Mark Purslow, Mike Kason and finally Roy.

 #1793  by popdragin
Hey, i heard a roumor that some of the Tnder trap escort,along with a fire injun body are sittin in Doncaster some where, B&H are based in doncaster so its beliveable!
i was told that a member of the Danger zone was buildin a car, he now sadly has passed away so duno if its still there

 #39926  by Filby
Without getting anyone’s hopes up, I cannot offer any new info regarding the whereabouts of Tender Trap. However, records at Companies House show B & H Autokraft LTD were officially dissolved/wound up in August 2008. I’m guessing that the surnames of the two company directors; John Betts & Trevor Hirst made up the title of the company. Mr Betts is still listed in an active capacity in the Doncaster area, so perhaps that remains a good starting point for nostalgia sleuths?