Do you own or know the whereabouts of a piece of UK Drag Racing History or just want info on a particular machine.

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 #40366  by Austin 7
Hi all,
So.... after 46 years, countless bikes and cars, I finally got me sticky hands on this crazy thing (hope it attaches and works, I'm a puter dullard) It's called '4orth Dimension' ,built by Ken Cooper and is the last car that Ken built in 75 - 76 he thinks . We took it to Hot Rod Drags this year and Ken had a good look at the car which was a magic moment for me and hopefully for him , then we staged and raced the car next to his son, the ace bloke Bradley Cooper in his car 'Back From The Past' ,what an emotional rush that was for me and all concerned.
I say it took me 46 years to get one of these things cos when I was (I think) about 10 , I went to Belle Vue Custom Car show in Manchester around 76 or 77. It was there I saw two slingshots displayed in a v shape and just fell in love right there. At 10 years old they just blew me away!.... got to have a go in one of them I remem here we are now.... 46 years later!!!!
We put hundreds of hours and pockets of cash into the car to get to this stage with plenty still to do over the winter and i can't wait to get back in it next year.
Hope you all like the thing and any info you have about the car would be great....... Cheers all,Rich Butcher
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