Do you own or know the whereabouts of a piece of UK Drag Racing History or just want info on a particular machine.

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 #8  by ukdrn
Does anyone know whereabouts of the ex Sneaky Gloworm/Entertainer/Sneaky Spider FunnyCar.
I believe the car was last owned by Roy Webb in 1984.
Any Information please?

 #11  by timetravel
Here's a couple of pics of it at the 1984 Santa Pod World Finals when Roy Webb was running it as Sneaky Spider...Image

 #13  by muddytalker
As far as I know Roy Webb still has the car tucked up in one of his barnes somewhere East Anglian way possibly still clothed with a GM Vauxhall Astra body. And if memory serves me right the Capri body was last scene in the early ninities campaigned by Nick Stephton and Glyn Robinson from Coventry. I could be wrong.... :!:

 #15  by ukdrn
Thanks for the replys guys, it's amazing how many times cars change hands over time. Hopefully on here we will be able to track down some of those long forgotten vehicles.
Anyone have any more info on Roy Webb?

 #58  by muddytalker
Could this be 'Sneaky Spider' with the Astra body on it!


 #96  by sjb
Some years ago now i went down Geoff Owens workshop not that long before he closed down,outside was a white Mk 1 Capri funny car body(no lettering or anythinfg).Geoff wasant about so sadly couldant ask for any info.

 #514  by muddytalker
Looking for other photos, the file box has come up with these black and white classics capturing the ‘Sneaky Gloworm’ Capri bodied Funny Car owned and driven by Phil Elson (photo by John Long) and much later when it was renamed ‘The Entertainer’ by Graham Stockley.
Pictured here at a August 1980 Long Marston meet run by the NDRC Midlands and Banbury Drag & Custom Club, Graham kept and ran the Capri as an A/Funny Car with a Hilborn injected 392ci Chrysler for motive power. This was ‘The Entertainer’s debut meet after a two year rebuild. The motor set-up was the same as when Phil Elson had it and the best Graham ran it that day was an 11.15/102 against the new Pro Comp Dragster of Doug Bond. That day it was rather a handful for Graham particularly with those taller than usual M&H Racemaster tyres! Just check the two photos for the difference in body angle.