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 #7100  by Tear101
I have been looking through some old pod programes and noticed a car i dont think i have ever seen. It is a fuel altered called Astal a vista diven by Dick Lambert. The car was entered into the 1991 world finals and thats all i know. Anyone know any more? Info,performance or pics?
 #7139  by huszarail
If it's the altered I'm thinking of, it was later re named for "Bluedots" Dicks brother Paul's company. I think from the hands of the Lamberts it dissapeared to France. I seem to remember it being liberally sprinkled with carbon fibre pieces including a sump pan I think. Hope this stirs some others memory. Mark.
 #7142  by MotorPsycho

There's a thread about it somewhere on here "lost in france" or something along those lines

The car came back to the Uk from Belgium and has since been split, the wheels went onto our '34 Ford altered, the chassis moved on and the body, wing and nose are for sale. Body and nose are carbon fibre
 #7827  by Tear101
Just been reading a 1989 fire up mag and found a small article about dick lamberts new altered. It was a ex lesley prior chassis with a one piece willys coupe body on it running a 392 iron chrysler on 50% nitro. I remember seeing at the pod once but never again. Any body got more info or pics of this car. Dont know if this is the same car as in the pic above.
 #7836  by Badger
It's the Houndog 'Chevy Pup' .. Lesley P ran it in PC, Sept 88 at York I think in a matchrace with Mr Sheavills. Gone was the old modded FGR Vega body, and a T body in it's place. I would of thought those old rear mags and a few other pieces were original Houndog items too.
 #7839  by MotorPsycho
I would have thought the Halibrand's would be Houndog items, there's not many about. They're currently residing in Wayne Allman's magnesium emporium. I'd be interested to know when the 12 spokes were added and where they came from as well.
 #8126  by muddytalker
Yep, you're right Tear101. Dick Lambert's Pro Car Engineering Co run under the legend of 'The World's Wildest Willys', was a parent company to brother Paul's Bluedots concern selling books, magazines and t-shirts at all the major UK tracks. In fact I have just come across a very old copy of the Pro Car Engineering catalogue with these pictures and a Des Penny artist impression of the Willys that never was.


 #8514  by Tear101
Cheers muddy for posting the pics. You say "the willys that never was" but im sure i saw the car at the pod in the late 80's/early 90's. Please somone else tell me they saw it too. Im sure i didnt dream it. :shock:
 #8518  by Badger
Tear - you have my sympahies with this, I had the same deal with a funny car from 1990 - that I know was there .. but remember the guys name??! Get it confirmed - drawn a blank, and to get a result like that amongst this kind of company has had me seriously worried about my memory!!