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 #40204  by AndrewL
Hello. I am an ex-Rovercraft employee from the Phil Eaves era (I was there 1989 - 1995, if my memory serves me correctly, it was quite a while ago! :) ). Now, some 30 years later I work with a guy who has bought the only TR7 to ever compete at Le Mans, he knows about Phil Eaves' old car, and is keen to maybe buy the engine from it (if it still exists). So, I thought I would see if anyone here can help me be telling me if they know the current whereabouts of either Phil Eaves and / or the Rover V8 twin turbo engine that used to be in his car. Thanks in advance.
 #40209  by AndrewL
Well, the weekend has passed, and I can see that there have been plenty of people viewing this post, but no replies as yet. Does nobody know the current whereabouts of Mr. Eaves, and / or his turbo engine?