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 #40171  by MrPlod
Hi all - I'm new to the forum so please forgive me if I make a gooley up - i joined the forum because in looking around (primarily on the internet) for more info on a number of bike racers I was struck by how little content I could find concerning the V & M pro stock team and bike - I would have thought a high profile and professional looking effort such as theirs supporting a tuning shop would have loads of references on the web - does anyone know why and better still - does anyone have stuff to post up on them - here's my 2penneth worth - picture taken by me at North Weald in the 80s - regards Kevin

 #40179  by MrPlod
A little piece from Hockenheim (I do not own the rights to this so if there is any issue with my posting this - please make me or UKDRN aware and the link will be removed - thank you) - regards Kevin

V&M at Hockenheim 1988