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 #39900  by harefield99
I came across my drag racing T-shirts collection, stored fogotten for years. I have one I don't remember buying, certainly not in 1973 as per the logo, was it a commemorative one for 25 years or something?.

 #39901  by harefield99
this is the oldest one I have left, Prudhomme brought some over, sold out in about 10 mins.


For this Dodge Omni shirt I wrote to Roger Guzman c/o Bandimere Speedway Denver, knowing he was a local racer, I enclosed probably about $20.00 for shipping. I was surprised when I got a really nice letter from him with this shirt. I had got the Plymouth Arrow shirt at a NHRA event a couple of years before, his paint jobs were superb.



This is not the most exciting post I know, but I will post some more pictures as i get organised.
 #39902  by ukdrn
Great shirts. Sadly mine got my wife's special wash and haven't stood the test of time.
Not that they would fit me these days anyway :-)
 #39903  by harefield99
Same here, about 2 will fit now, on some of the shirts the white has discoloured, will try some of these modern stain removers
 #39907  by Filby
In response to the original question posed by Harefield99 I can offer the following. “Funny Car Summer of ’73” dates back to circa 2004 and was part of a UK nostalgia T-shirt range produced by Wild Bunch racer Colin Stevens and sold through his C & P Nitro T-shirts business. This design was succeeded by possibly a more well known British nostalgia theme, namely the Mister Six T shirt which commemorated Dennis Priddle’s first six second run. Prid can be seen wearing this T shirt design in a number of photos published in Keith Lee’s excellent book covering Dennis’ career in the sport.

After the success of these UK themed designs, they were followed by a series of US legendary drivers: Don Garlits, Roland Leong, Raymond Beadle and TV Tommy Ivo.
 #39908  by harefield99
Filby, thanks for info, it is scary I don't remember getting it just 15 years ago, would have liked a Priddle shirt.
 #39909  by Filby
If anyone still has the “Mister Six” T shirt mentioned here, it would be great to see a photo of the design in all its glory. Meanwhile, I can’t help thinking this leaves the door open for another nostalgia T shirt design - Priddle Vs Skilton - Dragster Wars (Mister Six vs Revolution III)