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 #38494  by wayne
hi all,i decided to build myself a new car at the end of last year so sold my rolling chassis and trailer to a chap called keith miles,very nice bloke and hes gonna be out with it soon hopefully! Anyway i thought that i would try to do a build thread on here so here goes!
Before i could build the new car i had to have somewhere to put it so decided to construct myself a box trailer to keep it in and have somewhere to sleep in at the track so started the trailer in november at work and at the same time start to collect parts for the car which will be a 150" wb slingshot built to sfi 7.50 spec from cds,so far have most of the parts i need including a 350 sbc with homemade flying toilet fuel injection,th350,9" rear. i am going to fabricate as much of the car as i can to try to keep the costs down!heres some pics to start it off! :D wayne
30.11.15 024.jpg
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10.12.15 004.jpg
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ashleys 16th 081.jpg
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 #38495  by jai_ford
Trailer looks cool Wayne, nice front wheels good luck buddy :D ,
 #38576  by wayne
started chassis,fabbed some headers! :D
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 #38598  by wayne
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put in some more tubes and fitted rear axle,it looks quite high in the chassis but as the bottom isnt kicked up it gives me room to fitted bits under the seat,with the size slicks im going to use i have a 3-4" ground clearance!
 #38599  by wayne
thought id mention that my brother antony is currently building an altered,bantam body,nose up,turboclutch injected sbc! lokking great,real old school! will try to get him to post up some info/pics!
 #38625  by wayne
WP_20160514_003.jpg (980.72 KiB) Viewed 17104 times
done a bit more,seat bars,diagonals and managed to get the front tubes in!
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 #38643  by wayne
hi all,got some more done on the chassis,got the front a arms on,i didnt make them,they are off keith charmans old rail but i like them so made them work with my chassis so happy bunny! also aqquired a rons racing flying toilet set-up and some other bits!
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 #38650  by wayne
made front steering link rod and messed about measuring chassis for steering x-member etc and thought id see what it looked like with the rear tires mocked up!!! :D
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