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 #38697  by ukdrn
Well done Ian. It looks stunning.
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 #38698  by torment on...
Is that a supercharged outlaws no on the body..... ?????
 #38701  by jai_ford
Top work love it :D
To the powers at be has to be Ian's topo and bradfords at least once on the start line together surely at dragstalgia followed by havoc and the rat trap
 #38702  by Merrykneessnr
Wow guys, thanks for the comments.
Bradfords Top and mine on the startline!!!!! kinnel my hairs are up :shock:
Back in 2014 I took my first and so far only trip to Bakersfield for the Hot Rod Reunion. I stood in awe, jaw dropped and blown away by the Fuel altereds for the second time ever, first being 2014 Dragstalgia.
At that time I pictured a Topolino along the same lines as the Charlie Hill car, Bad Habit sat in my garage alongside my 41 Willys, but then who doesn't have those dreams?? What I have ended up with is nothing like those phenomenal US fuel altereds performance wise but as it appears to be by all the kind words on the tinterweb able to stand side by side in the looks dept. For that alone I am very humbled and proud. I only hope I don't disappoint on the track, guess time will tell on that one. Please guys call and say hello but please forgive me in advance if I appear a knob as I will no doubt be in cloud cuckoo land :lol:
 #38842  by mrmopar
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Hi here few pics of John Foden Frantic v12 - in for a complete resto - will post soon pics as it comes along.
 #39871  by ukdrn
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