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 #26964  by DaveysDelivery
Here's one that my cousin and I are putting together. It's the chassis from Rough Diamond 1, body was the wrattens, rear wing and wheelie bar from Nobby's altered, front wing from Joe bonds, etc, etc. The engine came out of my Model A Delivery street car. We hope to be out for Easter 2012 but we'll see how that pans out.
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 #26966  by torment
looks like it should run an 8 with your motor,and whats the cats name dave...??? :lol:
 #26973  by Dave gibbons
Hey! I wondered what was happening to my old chassis. Which, by the way and just for the record, is the chassis from Rough Diamond 2. RD1 was my Topolino which got stolen and was never recovered (and not nearly as nice a frame).

I love the fact that you're putting a Topo body on it, I thought about it lot's of times but having a Tee made it easier to service the motor. With the Topo I couldn't get the body up high enough in my garage, or I could never find anyone to help me lift it off altogether.

It's looking good and I wish you the best of luck - can't wait to see it again. Let me know if I can help.

 #27513  by taylov
Here's one that I'd completely forgotten.
001.jpg (73.3 KiB) Viewed 14185 times
A early 1970's shot of "Jagged Edge" at a NDRC meet. Can anyone add more info, please.

 #27534  by CRR
taylov wrote: A early 1970's shot of "Jagged Edge" at a NDRC meet. Can anyone add more info, please.
It's not early 1970's but early 1980's at Long Marston Raceway. Jagged Edge was driven by Trevor Craig and had a 3.8 Jag engine.
 #27569  by CRR
taylov wrote:Blimey, was the old NDRC control van still running in the 1980's ?
It's dead easy to tell it's a 1980's photo as Long Marston never had armco until it became LMR in 1980. :)
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