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 #36826  by Tear101
Great video! Still cant get over how great the weekend was! Dont know how you guys will top that one!
 #36827  by ukdrn
Cool little video.
 #36829  by Stu Bradbury
Bev and me just watched this video in silence, both with a lump in out throat's. Now for those of you who know us will know that's an impossibility, but it's nevertheless true!

So a big thank you to all the guy's and gals who made Dragstalgia one of the best weekends Drag Racing I and many others have had for many a year. Let's hope we can now build on this and encoraging racers from years gone by to retreve and rebuild their old race cars and bikes from the garage rafters for one more ride up Santa Pods Raceways famous quarter mile.

I feel very proud to be involved in Dragstalgia. It's turning out to be everything we wanted it to be and more.
 #36835  by MisteR Tee
Hear hear!! But I can I just add a request that next year's event not be on the w/e of the 16-19th July, please? Pretty Please!!! Before or after is fine, but please, please, not that w/e!!

Thank you & good night!!
 #36840  by muddytalker
How ironic that way back in 1969 we were using an artists impression of Pure Hell to promote British drag racing at Santa Pod. Now 45 years later Pure Hell been seen by many racing at Santa Pod's Dragstalgia.
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Advert circa June 1969 Hot Car magazine.
 #36868  by jaytee
a few more shots from a great event, looking forward to next year, hopefully more US headliners, I'd love to see Tony Bartone going down the Santa Pod 1320
Mr Entertainment
Mr Entertainment
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same again next year please
same again next year please
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sounded strong all week end
sounded strong all week end
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this is growing on me
this is growing on me
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 #37118  by jaytee
a nice 8 page write up on Dragstalgia and a couple on the Dragfests in the October Classic Bike Guide magazine, might interest you Jon as you're in the main photo getting busy
 #37664  by Gary Wick
Hi has anyone got Keith Potter's phone Number. I need to speak with him. If anyone has a number for him can you please ask him to contact Gary Wick on 07748647994 please. He is a friend of my Dad ( Bob Wick ) so if anyone can contact him could you please ask him to get in touch with me.
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