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 #24383  by hellzapoppin
hiya me and my father are just about to start the rebuild of the hellzapoppin which was driven by sue coles we found the car in a lighthouse in the isle of man where we live i would love to now ive anybody has any pictures
or pictures of banzi used to race in super gas that was my father
 #24385  by Roy.F
Good to hear about your find, if you search this site and others like acceleration archive you`re bound to find quite a few pics of the car, early ones with the Jag motor & later ones with the Chevy. We had a lot of fun racing against Sue & Dave back in the `70`s and it will be good to see the car rebuilt and running again, what sort of state was it in when you found it? will you post some pics? Good luck with the rebuild.
 #24386  by hellzapoppin
thanks was in pretty good condition when we found it but it had a cast iron small block chevy iv bough a donavin small block which is with kenny colman should hopfully get 1000 hp its gunna be fuel injected iv also got the bubble i will post some pics as it is now many thanks sorry iv spelling wrong :D
 #24387  by hellzapoppin
this the only pic ive got
5-CA-192.jpg (34.91 KiB) Viewed 13508 times
 #24392  by ukdrn
Hi and welcome.

It would be interesting to see some pictures on what you have if possible.

You will find 2 pages about the car if you follow the link below..
 #24395  by herb andrews
Did you buy it from Peter? When Peter bought the rolling chassis from Sue the blown motor went to Norm, the block is now part of the back engine in Norms Two Much dragster. Norms having internet problems and is currently offline but he asked me to pass on his telephone number, can you email me at for it.

You mentioned the canopy. Back in late 82 I was dropping a block off at Daves and at the time he was making the canopy, in the kitchen.

Got any pictures of the chassis?

What do you plan to do with the car?

 #24402  by hellzapoppin
hiya were are rebuilding the car for peter got some pics of the chassis just havnt loaded them on to the pc
 #24403  by hellzapoppin
Eastern raider wrote:Merryknees jnr? Looking good. Do have any history on how the car got to the I.O.M.
and this is who