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 #30594  by muddytalker
Pleased that you enjoyed the weekend Jez. Here's a couple from Steve Weston.
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 #30595  by muddytalker
Found this flyer in a bunch of old stuff at the track last week for the 1998 Rover V8 Nationals. Does anyone have any recollections about this event. this will have been in the days of the Super Series at Avon Park.
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 #30597  by muddytalker
Okay Jez. I'll have to have a scan through my 1998/99 Street Machine's as well as my programme's for that time of year.
 #30611  by Flying Phil
Hi Muddy
That flyer looks very interesting as there was very little Rover V8 action in 1998. Pro Rover had 6 runners in 1996 and the Super Series Street Rover (5 litres 11 sec breakout) had 18.
In 1997 only 4 rounds of Pro Rover were scheduled to run at Santa Pod but I could find no actual race reports. In 1998 there was nothing in Custom Car.
In 1999, 2000 and 2001 There were a regular turnout of 6 - 8 cars in the "Super Series"
 #30711  by jez atkinson
I've had an e-mail off someone who wants to remain nameless donating a pair of Buick 340 heads for my Anglia.
I want to thank that man very much and they will be used on the Anglia after a bit of spit and polish.
Trevor at WON has done his majic on the gas side of the car.
All thats left to do is put the 4.56 gear back in the 9" and then to the Hot Rod Drags.
Thats if I dont crash the van again
How lucky was I, only got out to lock my gates and the van decided to go off on its own to Shakey with out me but my next door neibours house got in the way!
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 #30713  by Barngt
sounds real good jez see ya at the hotrod drags :D
 #30715  by martyn b
jez atkinson wrote:I've had an e-mail off someone who wants to remain nameless donating a pair of Buick 340 heads for my Anglia.
Am I correct in thinking these would be cast iron heads (from the engine model that Buick replaced the Ali engine with?), and presume they might offer bigger valve options and better porting opportunities?
 #30732  by jez atkinson
Took some photos of one of the 340 standard heads next to a standard Rover head
to show the difference between the two heads.
All my rocker gear fits including the Rover rocker covers.
The 340 heads also bolt down on to my old 3.5 block.
I only have two problems, my Harcort inlet maifold wont fit nor will my exhaust headers
due to the size of the ports which are massive compared to the Rover head.
So its a sheet metal inlet manifold to be made and a new set of headers
which the car has needed new headers for a long time
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