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 #30068  by Old Boy Racer
Just had a mail from David Tremayne to say that the Blue Star mock-up will be auctioned at the Goodwood Revival. Good on Donington for saving it all those years ago but clearly not part of their plans now. I do hope it goes to a good home and not as a naff attraction in a bar or club somewhere.
 #30131  by BB the BB
I have just been informed of a renewed interest in my activities. My son, Duncan, has been contacted by Mike Huggins and one of my ex team sent me the link to this forum. So, without any ado, I intend to put the record straight once and for all on all the activities. This may take a little while to set up. I hope that Mike contacts me, my son having provided him with contact details. For those who are interested, I still have quite a bit of memorabilia which, at the moment, am trying to decide what to do with.

HOWEVER, what's really important is this last post telling me that the Blue Star is going to be auctioned. Could anyone give me the contact details of Donington as Blue Star is my property and was loaned to Donington for their safe keeping as I had no storage space. I am sorry if this sounds a little jumbled but this is an off the cuff reply to try and save the mock-up.

I promise that I will slowly start to clear a lot of the misinformation and hopefully, having spoken to Mike and Peter (Gazey) will come up with something of interest and a good read. Thank you all for your loyal support and following. Will post again soon. Barry
 #30132  by stevey1
Hi Barry
and welcome to the forum! I am sure many others that follow this forum will welcome your narrative on the cars, I for one cannot wait to read it
Steve Young
 #30134  by ukdrn
Well welcome to the forum Mr Barry Bowles, it's great to have you on here.
I'm sure many people including myself will find what you have to say very interesting.
As you would have read there is plenty of interest in your activities back then.

The final piece of the BB jigsaw is now in place :D

 #30152  by malcolm uk

Since your record programme came to an end, Robin started the Speed Record Club and with it the newsletter Fast FACTS. After 21 years the club still brings together speed enthusiasts around the world, some taking part in speed attempts and some involved as volunteers at attempts.

Fast FACTS is now a colour and black and white A4 publication. When Robin got involved with the Mach1 club for Thrust SSC I was appointed Chairman and I now write up news items for the newsletter. In addition to reaching this forum Barry I would be pleased to receive first hand information on the Blonde Bombshell cars - will reach me.

I organised a Club meeting at Donington Park some years ago (late 90's)and whilst there the curator was adamant that Tom Wheatcroft had brought the Blue Star mock up. We could not get up to it but it was being preserved on its perch on the bridge.

Now for the 'links' - I worked with Peter Gazey when he joined the Bluebird Electric project for events at Pendine with driver Don Wales. I was team manager for Primetime Land Speed engineering during their record attempts and drove the jet car Vampire once before it was crashed. I was Team Administrator for the only other British LSR vehicle powered by HTP - the motorcycle of Richard Brown of Team Maximum Impulse (241.15 mph was the faster 1/4 mile run at Elvington in 1998).

Please keep intouch Barry as you can correct all of the stories which were 'made up' over the past 20 years or so.

Malcolm Pittwood.
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