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 #10374  by CharlesRowat
I'm Martin Rowat's son and I'm trying to get him a more original christmas present this year.

I'm looking for images of the Emerson, Rowat and Smith dragster ( I've seen it called a rail and a junior fueler too) and various internet searches have yielded only three images. If you have any photographs of this dragster racing, or in the pits, anything, I would be massively grateful if you could upload them or point me in the right direction.

I know they were active around 1976 and am sure in this year they raced at Snetterton and Blackbushe.


 #10375  by jaytee
Here's a shot I took at Blackbushe,there are some better ones elsewhere on the forum
BW81A.jpg (42.59 KiB) Viewed 7071 times
 #10379  by Stormin Norm
hi Charles.
How is Martin and uncle Jim? Here is a pic of Martin adjusting the fuel injection on the engine we bought from him in 77 . it was taken on the start rollers at the pod in 77. The car also had a Rowat gearbox
designed by Martin and sold in a kit.

SCA60.JPG (688.56 KiB) Viewed 6253 times
 #10380  by Stormin Norm
Here is another pic taken just after with Jim behind the engine . This is the engine in Jaytee's pic.

Can anyone name the guy behind the car and the guy driving the rollers??

Rollers.JPG (592.98 KiB) Viewed 6255 times
 #10381  by CharlesRowat
Hi Norm,

Cheers for those pics!

Martin is great, retired now and getting back to designing and tinkering with things. Not dragsters anymore but he has recently designed and built me a guitar amplifier among other things! Haven't seen Jim for a while but as far as I know things are going well with him.

Best Wishes,

 #10383  by flying toilet
HI Charles,

Is your Dad still in the Milton Keynes area?

I think he used to live round the corner from me in Woolstone many years ago.

Ask him if he remembers my Dad's red Forp Pop with a blown V6.

To complete the link, Norm built the chassis for my Dad's current racecar.
I enjoyed many an evening listening to his stories in the workshop.

I just hope i got my Rowat's right!

Dan Bennett
 #10384  by ukdrn
HI Charles, here's a couple for you, I'm sure there's some more floating about somewhere.
Click for bigger picture.
RPI-17.jpg (592.75 KiB) Viewed 6284 times
CB89.jpg (112.03 KiB) Viewed 6964 times
 #10385  by CharlesRowat

We've moved to Bradford now but yeah, he did used to live in Milton Keynes. Don't think I ever lived there so that means it must be about 19 years or so since he moved. I doubt you've got your Rowat's mixed up but I'll have to ask him about your dad's car after christmas or it will ruin the suprise!