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Thanks for taking the time to look at the UK Nostalgia Drag Racing discussion forums

In 2006 and against many peoples advice I made the brave decision to start this discussion forum. I say brave because of forums, in general, had a bad reputation and were notoriously tough to moderate.

With some tight (and sometimes) over-policing, great moderators and a fantastic bunch of members the forum quickly become a huge success with its amount of information and excellent images. It quickly became a place to meet and swap stories, memories and images. It had many of us crawling around our lofts and garages looking for things to share. It became inspirational for replica builds and new (nostalgia) type builds.

I believe that the forum really raised the awareness of how popular this nostalgia stuff was. Nostalgia UK drag books were written and new organisations were formed. It also played its part in encouraging the best nostalgia meeting this side of the pond.

The website in those days was receiving over a million hits every month and 60,000+ individual visits

Today (2020) The forum is a shadow of what it used to be but still gets it's visitors and still has its place in the sport. It's more like a nostalgia archive these days. The lack of contributions is mainly due to social media and it's easiness to share information, which people often struggled with on the forum. I often spent many hours just trying to help a new member get registered, never mind helping them to post images :-)
Not all of the information posted over the years might be correct as the information was provided from memories and magazines features.

If you want to join in then please register and enjoy.