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 #16380  by ukdrn
Huge TV coverage at the time, features Bootsie, Sylvia Hauser, BJ and Sammy Miller.
Long before Richard Hammond's efforts, Cheggers drives the HellBender Jet car :shock:
Full 18mins.

 #16385  by kal
crazyhorses wrote:Can't believe they let Chegwin loose on a jet car. Eat your heart out Health & Safety.
Funnily enough I watched the footage only a couple of days ago on an old VHS tape.
I do not think Health and Safety would have been too concerned - you could almost have run to the other end quicker on foot Brian! :lol:
 #16397  by muddytalker
Having just viewed the opening 30 seconds of the first video is that the only time that a jet car has been matched up against a Funny Car in this country?