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 #38707  by oily bike bloke
Here are a few photos at this year's FoS, with the first batch being taken on the Thursday, (technically "The Moving Motor Show" day, as the Festival runs Fri - Sat incl).
The bikes were waiting for Tech Inspection, with runs scheduled for Fri, Sat & Sun.

I'm guessing most of you may be aware of the "Michigan Madman", the late E.J. Potter.
This is his 450 horsepower alcohol burning, 6.5 litre Chevrolet V8 bike Widowmaker Number Seven, which, as far as I know hasn't been to the UK before.

He used to start his by having the rear of the bike elevated on a stand, back wheel spinning, and then simply dropped the back wheel onto the drag strip!! Not sure how this years rider, Clyde Hensley, will tackle pulling away, will have to see tomo.
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Yamaha triple-engine bike was built by Texan Pat Miller in 1970 using three, 350cc grand prix engines.
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Super Nero tucked in the middle, which is listed as being ridden by Tony Brown and Chris Illman over the weekend.

Was chatting to Tony & Chris so much that forgot to take any more pics!

Will try and get some 'action' pics on Friday.
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Friday - the first day the competitors take to the Goodwood Hill.
In fact, the first 'half' is pretty level, it only starts to rise after Molecomb Corner , so when drag cars or bikes have appeared in the past, they've returned to the paddock prior to Molcomb.

The programme details showed of Class 17 (which included Widowmaker Seven, Super Nero, the Yamaha triple and Pegasus), and indicated which machines were static display and which were being ridden, and the times they were due to run, so a good vantage point was taken up for the 10.45 running, camera at the ready.

Out came Tony Brown on Super Nero running under it's own power heading to the start-line holding area, but alas, no other drag bikes.................

The runs began and a variety of machines in the classes of Classic Racing Motorcycles, Barry Sheene bikes, Modern Racing Motorcycles and some F1 cars came past at varying speeds taking their first runs at the hill, but no sign of Super Nero. The course-cars then came into view, so the session was completed, and a few minutes later, poor old Super Nero was seen returning to the paddock on a recovery trailer.

We found Tony an his mechanic (Steve?) working on the bike, saying that it had decided to expel some (too much?) oil from the breather, so the run was not attempted., such a shame.
Tony also said the Pegasus was only due to do one run per day (which would be around 15.10 according to the programme).
Am not aware why we didn't see the Yamaha Triple of Widowmaker Seven.

Unfortunately we had to leave before the afternoon session, so weren't able to see which bikes ran, and how well............. so if anyone else who went could let us know, that would be nice.
Super Nero with Tony on board just going under the bridge on its way to the start line area
Super Nero with Tony on board just going under the bridge on its way to the start line area
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Heading to the start line area under its own power
Heading to the start line area under its own power
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On its way back to the paddock
On its way back to the paddock
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Super Nero receiving attention
Super Nero receiving attention
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Tony Brown
Tony Brown
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Pegasus being prepped
Pegasus being prepped
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Widowmaker Seven looking 'ready'
Widowmaker Seven looking 'ready'
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Engine detail without the yellow tape
Engine detail without the yellow tape
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 #38722  by ukdrn
Thank you very much for those.
It's a shame we couldn't see those two bikes at Dragstalgia.
 #39241  by John Mcdonald
Hi there
there are nice images, well done guys startaeget. This 450 horsepower alcohol burning, 6.5 litre Chevrolet V8 bike Widowmaker Number Seven looks amazing. I'm new to this subject, that's Why I'd like to know where and when is another Festival of speed in UK 2017?
I will be really thankful for answer.
 #39246  by oily bike bloke
The Goodwood Festival of Speed tends to have differnet themes/machines each year, so its unlikley these machines will be there in 2017, but here's info for the 2017 FoS. Note - tickets have to be purchased in advance, none on the gate. ... -of-speed/

Link to Santa Pod -

Link to SCR -