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 #31092  by TwoFaced
Although not to do with twin engined bikes but I did mention above some time ago I'd like to have a go at top speed runs on my Hayabusa Two Faced; well I finally managed it. First runs were in August and I manged 180mph at Elvington, but in September 2012 I went there again and clocked four runs all in excess of 190mph with a best of 196.6 mph. Normally aspirated. These runs can be seen on YouTube at:- I hope you don't mind me posting this here. I don't think my original Two Faced double-engined Triumph's engines would have stayed in one piece long enough, on their 98% nitromethane fuel diet! Cheers for now. Pete
 #31093  by martyn b
well done, that is a real achievement ; and you know what comes next.... so good luck for when you return to try and find the extra 3.4 mph!!
 #31131  by ukdrn
Well done Pete that's great news. I really hope I can see the bike run one day.
 #36908  by jaytee
I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing Bob Webster's double Kawasaki running in the future
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 #36911  by CRR
At the NSA meeting at Woodbridge last weekend, Jeff Baron was there with his new sprinter which looks rather like a retro drag bike. However, it is new and unusually, it has 2 Honda 125cc engines! It only made gentle shake-down passes. Sorry, no pictures as I was otherwise busy
 #37509  by plymoutharrow
Might of already been mentioned ( and it wasnt a twin.) but does anyone have pictures of a jag powered bike run by Alan Thompson in the early 70s?
 #37855  by jaytee
Pete Allan in firesuit at Surfers Paradise, there can't be many, if any, who've raced a Fueler plus a Funny Car and a bike at the same meeting
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