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 #12696  by jaytee
Pete Williams and the triple Kawasaki from 97
#TF 97.jpg
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 #13379  by jaytee
From a magazine feature on John Hobbs showing the bike with the frame he built in 1980 replacing the original Dimension 4 frame
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 #27012  by TwoFaced
I would like to point out that the twin engined Hillman Imp engined bike shown on this thread is NOT called Two Faced. At least I hope it's not because Two Faced is the name of my double-engined Triumph drag-bike which I built back in 1968 and can be seen on YouTube. Cheers Pete Williams
 #27015  by ukdrn
Just a simple mistake Pete, thanks.
 #27018  by Kelvin Fagan
mentioned earlier in the thread, Terry Revills Twin Engined Kawasaki
Photo by © Kelvin Fagan
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 #27020  by ukdrn
What a shot Kelvin :)
 #27035  by Kelvin Fagan
pad116 wrote:
ukdrn wrote:What a shot Kelvin :)
I second that.

Thanks guys :D
 #27040  by TwoFaced
Hi UKDRN Site Admin, thanks for your post re Two Faced. No probs, just thought I'd correct it. By the way, some years ago I started to put together a spare engine 'pod' but it started to escalate and by the time I'd finished, I'd built a Two Faced near replica. I called it Two Faced Too. (No not a spelling mistake--but meaning 'as well'). It has two 750cc Morgo Barrels so is 1500cc. Mickey Thompson rear slick and front slick also M/T. I've only run it once at York and it was misfiring like hell due to a faulty magneto. I've had them overhauled but not run it again as I've been busy building my Hayabusa bike. Only been out on Hayabusa 4 times due to having cancer last year and other health issues. Am in remission at moment so hope to be out on it next season and also hopefully, on Two Faced (the orginal that is). It's a bit risky and expensive running that as I use 95% nitro but no blower. Single gear (top) for the entire 1/4. It did ss 1/4 mile in 10.21 seconds in June 1968 at RAF Topcliffe. Best 1/4 mile terminal was 140.8mph. Held course record at Topcliffe for 4 years before it was broken. Was 3rd quickest in Europe then behind Alf Hagon and George Brown. I've kept the name Two Faced (with variations) on all my bikes including the Hayabusa and I'm hoping to try some top speed runs on it next season health and finances permitting. Just on petrol at moment; I haven't used the nitrous yet! Managed a 10.5 and 142mph in the 1/4 but just still getting used to it. Need more practise. Cheers, Pete Williams
Two Faced Too 1500cc 'replica' of original
Two Faced Too 1500cc 'replica' of original
Two Faced Too for UKDRN.jpg (35.44 KiB) Viewed 10085 times
 #27041  by TwoFaced
P.S. Two Faced (the original) can be seen on YouTube at Topcliffe and Elvington and North Weald, if you type Two Faced drag bike into YouTube search bar. Cheers again, Pete Williams.
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