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 #32931  by muddytalker
Found this advert in the 1989 Show Guide for the 1989 Olympia 2 Racing Car Show. I was lucky enough to go to this show with Fire Up publisher John (Rainmaker) Wright. Preparation for the show was a bit of a stressful affair having printed over 1000 foldout calendar's only to find out 5 days before the show was due to open of the name change to Avon Park Raceway. Go job I could work a print machine quickly :lol: The Top Alcohol Dragster of Barry Sheavills was also on display in the entrance hall to the show.
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 #33037  by Tear101
Anyone remember a show held at milton kyenes shoping centre? Got out one of my dads old photo albums out and found lots of shots from this show. unfortunately the photos are stuck into the album making scaning them a bit hard.
 #33041  by NitroWars
I remember attending one at Wolverton which is as near as damn it Milton Keynes... It was when Roy Phelps first came across a certain John Price. It would have been late 70's/early 80's.
 #33043  by CRR
Tear101 wrote:Anyone remember a show held at milton kyenes shoping centre?
Yes, I went. Seemed a bit strange at the time to have a drag racing show in the middle of a busy shopping centre.
 #33050  by Tear101
I will try to get a friend to scan the pics for me and then i will get them on here.
 #33056  by crazyhorses
The show was organised by Santa Pod who were trying to build a marketing relationship with Milton Keynes at the time. Dave Prior was the organiser.
 #33060  by muddytalker
I've got a few photos from that show. I'll try and find them. There was two shows there wasn't there Brian. I know I went to one of them when you had Don Prudhomme's Army Monza on display alongside one of the gold Warsteiner F1 Arrows.
 #33077  by crazyhorses
I only remember one of them Jerry. It was probably the onme with Prudomme because that was my last year of commentating and I had just joined JWR.
 #33141  by muddytalker
The original advert for the show from the back page of Drag Racing News. Reading the show report they had Rod Hull and Emu opening the show, Stirling Moss presenting trophies at the end of the show and Andrew Hurdle sparking up the Scorpion Jet Car across the road in the car park.
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