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 #24118  by ukdrn
There have been many great articles over the years so why not start a new thread to show a few
and give people some more information.

Starting with Ray Hoare by Tony Beadle.
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 #24246  by Millevanille
Ray looks like a mug shot for a serial killer in the first shot. I always found him a helpful gentlemen, and liked him a lot.
Is he on the forum, or does anyone know of his whereabouts?
 #24326  by Millevanille
Exactly Elizabeth! trouble with these ex-commentators, learnt everything he knows about drag racing from Stu Bradbury!!
 #24329  by the_lovely_liz
Probably never even saw the cars on the start line - just had eyes for the 'totty' :)
and you are right tim - Ray was 'Old School' - a perfect gentleman.
 #24451  by ukdrn
Article March 83
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 #25175  by jaytee
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 #25183  by harefield99
I think it may have been in the article posted above, but anyway I remember reading somewhere that the twin headlight arrangement on Houndog Vega "followed the trend in the US" Can anyone recall this set up on any US race Vegas? pix would be great.
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