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 #1582  by timetravel
Most British Drag Race meetings in the 60s and 70s featured Drag Karts amongst the entries which made for some interesting matchups when they came up against and often shutdown some of the full-size machinery. Here's 3 pics starting in 1974 and "Patience" run by Ken and Derrick Penfold using a Barlotti Kart frame and blown 750cc Triumph power. Next pic is from 1967 of Brian Parkins Keele Kart powered by a 500cc Triumph and finally from 1964 the Fox Kart of Alan Burgess fitted with a pair of Turbonique Jet engines......... Image Image Image

 #1593  by CRR
Dennis Priddle started his drag racing career in 1967 driving a 500cc Rudge powered kart.

 #1596  by muddytalker
I'm sure that Fox Kart of Alan Burgess now resides in the Garlits Museum! Now I could be wrong but when I was last there a kart looking strangely like that one posted by TimeTravel sticks out in my mind. Anyome else shed some light on this!

 #1598  by muddytalker
This particular example was built in 1960 by jet designer Eugene Gluehareff and had a top speed of 45 mph.

 #1603  by muddytalker
The basis of the Fox kart cost Alan Burgess just £50 for a second hand chassis. To buy from new was £130. The frame construction was simple; 1” chrome-moly with a fixed front axle, two side rails and a rear cross member. Looking at the pictures it was simply yet practical the way the construction took place with nearly everything to hand.


The kart made its debut at the International Drag Festival at Blackbushe, but no one knew it was there because the organisers pushed it to a quiet remote part of the airfield. With all the oxygen and nitrogen pressures checked and safety systems armed, Alan rode the kart to over 60 mph before running out of fuel before the end of the quarter mile.

One of Alan’s major problems was convincing onlookers that his kart wasn’t a joke and that if they hand of stood behind the rockets then they would have emerged smelling dreadfully of burnt Iso-Propyl-Nitrate. Now if that was applied today I wonder what health and safety would say. Better still what would rubber chicken man make of it. Probably worst than sticking of aviation fuel from Fireforce 3!

 #1618  by ukdrn
tog wrote:when we got him up there to ride the Tower during a run by Fireforce 3.
Maybe Santa Pod should add that as one of the attractions :lol:

I have always liked those Drag Karts, the sense of speed that close to the ground must be incredible.
Here's a couple more but I need help identifying them please.

 #1621  by ukdrn
Is this even classed as a Kart? I haven't got a clue what this is, maybe someone can help

 #1623  by sjb
that s crazy!
but thats wot i like about old time drags

 #1624  by herb andrews
Wild! The 'rear end' looks like a Quelcast lawnmower, well the side cover does anyway. What do you think?
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