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 #37402  by MisteR Tee
Just been re-reading this thread & thought I'd add a couple of comments. Alan Burgess ran Karting magazine from his Bromley office & also started Drag Racing magazine, which John Bennet then bought & renamed Drag Racing & Hot Rod magazine. Alan was a customer of ours at John's bodyshop, Spa Engineering, where we looked after his E Type & his wife's Alfa. A regular job every year was to re-paint the front end of the Jag to get rid of the stone chips.

At the time JB was involved with kart racing hence the connection with Alan & for many years afterwards, there was a kart frame hanging on the wall of the workshop.

I used to see Derek Penfold every year when he held autojumbles in Mitcham at a leisure centre hall, where I'd have a stall each time. He gave it up when the charges started getting too high because of repairs to the floor after each event due to heavy, dirty objects being dropped on the floor!! Shame as it was a great place for an autojumble during the winter, being indoors & very local to me!
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Here's how jack got on.
 #37840  by jaytee
I like this recreation of Jack McClure's twin Turbonique kart
!!aaJack McClue turbo.jpg
!!aaJack McClue turbo.jpg (614.61 KiB) Viewed 25693 times
!!aaJack McClure Turbonique.jpg
!!aaJack McClure Turbonique.jpg (485.61 KiB) Viewed 25693 times
 #39793  by john hennessy
on page 5 the kart with number HD1, called double barrel, later re named to chicken a la kart whic could be seen in the NDRC movie of Silverstone, Drag on a summers day with me at the wheel on the start line.
this was built by Steve Jeal and myself in 1970 when we both worked together as draughtsmen
it had a 650 triumph engine and gearbox.

over the next year it was modified to run 30% nitro.

it was sold to Peter Gayton as a rolling chassis at the end of 1973, the engine and gear box were retained and installed in our new home built chassis called Red Rooster in injected form on 30% nitro. this would have been around 1974.

due to Steve having other commitments the "kart" was shelved in the roof of my garage

in about 1981 i lengthened the chassis and fitted 13 wheels, a new roll cage, increased the engine size to 750cc and fitted a supercharger.

due to financial obligations, the car was sold in 1983 to Mark Forester who fitted a Kawasaki engine.

i believe he sold it to someone in Germany.

i ended my U.K drag racing carrier in 1989 when i gave my share of the Low Buck Special big block dragster to Chris Worsell and moved to the states where i did dabble in drag racing for a year with S & J racing in El Paso Texas.

i now live in Arizona in the Grand Canyon and have retired but am still active on the Locost USA web site, a specialist site for home built cars, i have designed and built a vehicle similar to a Lotus Seven with a 2.3 Ford Duratec engine with an Eaton M90 supercharger and a self tuned engine managemet system.

well i couldn't waste my 1700 sq ft workshop now could i.
 #39796  by ukdrn
Hi John.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the information.
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