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 #1195  by Glenn R
and who is the guy in the funny car?

 #1198  by Millevanille
The late Graham Hawes in the immaculately prepared Black Magic Pro Comp Funny Car.
 #1209  by timetravel
Glenn R wrote:Image
Wild Honey didn't look quite the same after being lowered in '78 but the following year saw it even lower after a roof chop...... Image

 #1210  by timetravel
Here's some more pics from York in '79 and '80. See what you can identify........ Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

 #1214  by MotorPsycho
Jon Everitt 'Hang em High'
Flavell Bros 'Pop Dragin'
Smax Smith 'Mainline Menace'
Al O'Connor 'Als Gasser'

 #1216  by Badger
thanks for posting those Nick - brilliant!

Al O Conner could be up against The Shockwave Jag T of Adrian Booth?
Dave 'Sag' Southworth and Jeepers creepers. I think I read somewhere that the Jeep altered was a the old Sneaky altered re-bodied?

The brown ford powered dragster is Bob Holt from Bingley.
Ricky Brooke in the Stripper Reliant altered.

Pop off I can't find in the programmes ..

 #1223  by muddytalker
Badger, the driver of the G/Class gold coloured ‘Pop-Off’ Ford Pop is Graham Simpson. The Pop ran a 3400cc Jaguar. The G/Class dragster is John Boffey’s ‘Zeppelin’ Ford powered slingshot, but I can't find an ID for the driver of the 'Hulk' altered. Can you :!: