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 #1107  by muddytalker
Well, we’ve had the Winter Warmers thread and some classic fire burn out photos, so what about some classic Wild Wheelstands, and to kick the thread off here’s a photo of Jon Webster’s Mercury Comet Super Gasser reaching for the sky taken by Paul Duxbury. Image
Or what about this one, again by Paul Duxbury of Bertrand Dubet’s French altered ‘The Alien’ still in action today thanks to Paul Marston and todays owner John Everitt.

 #1109  by Millevanille
Name that movie....
"Reach for the sky"!
 #1119  by flying toilet
Is that the old Plan-X car in the background behind that alterd when Jim Seward owned it in the Harry the Spider guise? Then sold to Jonny Mental to run 6's??

 #1138  by muddytalker
Cooky's Dodge anyone....
Photo by Dick Parnham

 #1148  by timetravel
When Dennis Priddle debuted his Avenger funny car at the end of 1973 at the D.R.N. Meeting at Santa Pod he wasn't expecting this to happen when he dropped the clutch......... Image The next shot shows Micky Naylor about to write-off the Medicine Man Fueller as he takes on Kent Persson in the Top Fuel final at the 1978 September Internationals............ Image Trevor Young got his Competition Products Fueller heading skywards at the 1979 Easter Internationals............. Image Finally a look at Allan Herridge about to flip the Gladiator Vega at the 1979 Supernationals............ Image

 #1149  by herb andrews
We were in a similar viewing position when Alan flipped the Vega over. The thing that stood out was, there was no panic. I think he slid out of the side opening with the car still up side down, stationary, had a look around the car and walked back to the startline with his arms raised and a schoolboy grin on his face. As you can imagine the crowd went wild. A genuine showman who had time for the fans. Well missed.

 #1164  by ukdrn
Here's one from Colin Mullan's 'Invader'
Image:Nick J

 #1166  by ukdrn
Here's Owen Haywood with nearly all wheels off the ground in the Houndog 10 Dodge Challenger Funny Car.

 #1168  by TimeMachine
Apologies for the poor photo, but is scanned from a printout of the original - if anyone has a better copy please let me know!


I believe this to be shortly before all the rods fell out the motor...

 #1173  by Sam
another angle on the TY wheelie..

borrowed some wheels and put some lead in the front and was out again the next day.
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