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 #35  by ukdrn
While walking down the road past my mum's house in 1984/85 I came across a Jet Funnycar body just sitting in a front garden.
The body was identical to the black one Alan had on the car when it crashed but this one was lettered with Midnight Cowboy signage.
It also had Santa Pod Raceway down both sides of the bottom of the car and some other lettering that I can't remember.
I wanted to ask about the body but didn't incase it caused offence.
Maybe this was the first body built for the car but never used for some reason.
Was there any plans to build 2 JFC's at the time.
Anybody have more information on this?

 #37  by muddytalker
I seem to recall that a second Mustang bodied Funny Car was being put together around the same time of ‘Bootsie’ Herridge’s death in November 1983. I have seen a photo of the finish car published in an old issue of ‘Custom Car’ when it was put on display at the Essen Show in Germany. The caption read that Bootsie’s son Allan Jr had finished building the ‘Midnight Cowboy’ Jet as a mark of respect for his dad. What happen to it after that is anyone’s guess. If I can find the magazine in question I’ll know more.

 #38  by ukdrn
That would make sense muddytalker, Alan Jr has lived around this way quite a few times. My nephew told me that around that time he saw a jet car in the local scrap yard but I don't know if this is connected to Alan's car.

 #130  by herb andrews
Like you Tog I recall seeing pictures of it before it ran, I thought in Custom Car. Another trip into the loft is called for.

 #133  by muddytalker
I knew I’d seen a photo of ‘Midnight Cowboy’ Mustang Jet published in Custom Car. In fact I’ve found two pictures; March 1983 and October 1983. Somewhere I must have got my wires crossed because the jet made its European debut at the Essen Show long before that fateful day in November 1983. As you can see, the paint work is very much as everyone has described it, yet the body is hinged from the front and its also a right hooker. Most of the jets in America are left. Supporting acts was the Pod’s new Kenworth bodied Funny Car ‘Blue Thunder’ and one of the match race jet dragsters.


Following Essen the car made its British debut in July at the third Brighton Dragster & Custom Show held at the Metropole Hotel. In the report, Bootsie was looking towards a mid August test debut before handing the car over to someone else to drive. But, unfortunately we all know to well the fate of the ‘Midnight Cowboy’ Mustang Jet Funny Car.

 #141  by ukdrn
Thats the shell I see in the garden, I remember at the time on a dark cold rainy night it sent a shiver down my spine as I knew nothing about this body, I could never figure it out but now I know. Thanks for the picture muddytalker, it's very strange seeing it again but it does solve a 20 year mystery for me.

 #160  by ukdrn
Did you read about this Tog or was it something you heard from somewhere?

 #256  by Waldorf
I was told that Midnight Cowboy was built for Steve Horne.

 #509  by cunningplan
I used to go to Ronnie Picardos workshop alot, at one time Midnight Cowboy was in there getting build by Allen Jr & Ronnie, I was around there this year and could not see it. Ron was so busy getting ready for the Truck Event, I left him to it.
The best person to ask about the where abouts of the car is Ronnie.

 #1612  by Junior Olley
The Midnite Cowboy was a Vega bodied JFC ( Body replicated from Sammy Miller's ' Vanishing Point ', I believe ), built by Allan Herridge, powered by a Viper & was to be driven by Adrian Wright, who ran a Marine Salvage yard in Gatwick.

There was a Finished Body, a Mustang, which was Painted & Sign Written, but this was never used, as it was to heavy. This was hanging up in one of the Santa Pod Workshops a very long time ago. Allan had trouble with the Viper Motor, pulling in the front of the Body, due to the amount of Air that was being sucked in through the front of the Jet Motor Intake, as he was using a reversed Orpheous Tailpipe, but this idea did not work to well.

Allan JNR put together a ' Dummy ' JFC, with the Body on it, that Allan SNR did not use, due to it's weight. This ' Dummy ' JFC had a Viper Jet Engine in it, which did not Work. This was purely a Static Show Car & would never be able to run, as far as I am aware.

I am lucky enough to have 8mm Colour Cine Film of the first & only run Allan sadly made in the Midnite Cowboy, but have only watched it once, for obvious reasons.

Allan ' Bootsie ' Herridge - UK Drag Racing misses you.
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