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Terry Revill's Assassin.
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Rod Pallant's "LA Hooker" at Santa Pod with Jon Morton helping out.
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Pip Higham and his Suzuperbike.
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Posting these got me wondering about this bike and after doing some research on this bike and came up with this as the bike was sold in 2005 for £6900.
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1978 Kosman Suzuki 1,260cc Competition Bike
Engine no. GS110X 100963
Known as the ‘Suzuperbike’ or just ‘The Kosman’, this machine was originally purchased by Pip Higham in 1978 from Sandy Kosman’s workshop in San Francisco. This bike has seen lots of action at major international tracks ranging from Mantorp Park in Sweden to Monza, Le Mans and Santa Pod. In 1980 it ran an amazing 8.5 seconds at 166mph at Santa Pod; has been on children’s TV twice - on ‘Runaround’ and later ‘Motormouth’ - and had a cameo part on ‘Talking Bikes’. The Kosman has been featured in many European magazines, including SuperBike whose sponsorship package prompted the ‘Suzuperbike’ moniker.
In 1995 the Kosman had a major refit with new forks, wheels, hubs, rear axle mega-blocks and motor plate, all from Kosman’s catalogue. It also grew a larger rear tyre and was fitted with a Suzuki GSX 1,260cc engine. The motor features straight-cut primary gears and a five-speed transmission with an MRE lock up clutch and quick access clutch cover. It also has a one-off cylinder head with modification to the inlet ports giving all four injector trumpets an identical straight shot at the inlet valves. The fuel injection system uses re-spaced Suzuki GSXR throttle bodies and injectors, and a ‘DTA’ digital engine management and data acquisition system which enables the owner to modify engine characteristics in seconds by means of a laptop, just like in Formula 1! The exhaust system is a Gold Series spring-fit Pro-Pipe by Vance & Hines with billet aluminium anti-reversal exhaust spigots. Horsepower is enhanced with a TMC controlled progressive nitrous oxide kit with NOS fogger nozzles, VBS distribution blocks and NOS solenoids.

The 6-pot billet callipers and front and rear master cylinders are from ISR in Sweden and operate on one-off discs and carriers; the steering damper is a White Power adjustable unit. All fluid and breather lines and fittings are stainless steel or anodised aluminium by Goodridge UK.

In 2004 the bike ran a couple of easy 8-second passes at a chilly meeting at Elvington. It is offered for sale with the correct remote 24-volt starter assembly, a set of chrome-moly wheely bars, a correct new spare rear tyre and a laptop with serial cable and DTA manual (hard copy and CD) suitable for accessing the engine mapping detail
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Seems like Pip sold the GSX at the same time for just £2300.
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The second Suzuki GSX1100 ever made (frame number ‘500002’, engine number ‘100004’) this was a pre-production bike (originally silver) which Pip Higham turned into one of the best known and most successful Pro-Stock bikes ever campaigned in Europe. Prepared at the Village Bike Shop in Walkden, ‘The Deuce’ built on the success of Pip’s previous Street class bikes. (In Street class Pip had become the first European rider into the 10-second bracket and then the first rider ever into the nines on his Suzuki GS1000-powered machine. The GSX delivered more of the same. Using Pip’s own developed tuning parts it ran in the 9.0-second bracket many times at speeds of up to 154mph in the quarter mile. On the bumpy, and slightly terrifying, half-mile sprint along Madeira Drive at Brighton it topped 160 mph through the beams. It also carried him to victory at Le Mans in 1981 and in the course of its competitive life saw action at Santa Pod, Brighton, Le Mans, Paul Ricard and Monza as well as several regional venues.

‘The Deuce’ was refurbished in 1997 but has been unseen and unused since. It has shortened forks and a raked and stiffened frame, while closer inspection will reveal the four huge carburettors and single cable linkage developed by VBS for Amal. It has an electrically operated air shifter with stainless-steel air reservoir and a Vance & Hines ‘Sidewinder’ Pro Pipe exhaust. The bodywork is all custom-made glassfibre with integral air brushed light lenses, while the tank cover conceals a small aluminium fuel tank. The bike has variable wheelbase and two alternative battery positions, these features helping to tune the start line characteristics to suit the grip available. It has been fitted with a new Piranha ignition system and gel battery.
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A couple of shot's of one of the late Paul Rose's motorcycles.
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Steve "The Dealer" Woollat
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Eamon Hurley's Concorde.
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ID Please?
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Racing Worm wrote:It looks like Dave Branch's "Special Branch"
Supercharged MGB engine
Thank you, I can recognize it now.
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