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 #36531  by MisteR Tee
Follwoing on from my previous postings about front wheels for my little FED, I now have 3 17" rims which are now surplus to requirements.

I have 1 x steel chrome rim 17 x 1.85R DiD 36 hole, in very good condition, some slight blems but straight & undamaged, £75.
20140516_170615.jpg (1.82 MiB) Viewed 1662 times
20140516_170742.jpg (1.84 MiB) Viewed 1662 times
Next I have 2 x alloy 17 x 2.15 DiD 36 hole in new condition, £150
20140516_170831.jpg (1.89 MiB) Viewed 1662 times
20140516_170843.jpg (2.05 MiB) Viewed 1662 times
Plus I do have a pair of 36 hole front hubs to match, as supplied originally by Sid Slattery, again only looking to get back what they cost, £85. NOW SOLD!!!

I also have 2 new 17 x 2.25/2.50 inner tubes still in their boxes, £30
20140516_171117.jpg (2.25 MiB) Viewed 1662 times
These prices are what they all cost me so I would like to get that back if possible, I will be putting them on ebay soon but thought I'd post them on here first.

I also have a pair of pit bike wheels which I would like to get rid of to best offer. They're gold finished & complete but the rims were slightly damaged in transit to me & now I have the correct wheels for the rail are no longer required, £30?
Pit bike wheels.JPG
Pit bike wheels.JPG (48.4 KiB) Viewed 1662 times
I'm in Croydon, Surrey but can post if needed at cost.

07958 555 486