Do you own or know the whereabouts of a piece of UK Drag Racing History or just want info on a particular machine.

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 #39407  by xxxscimitarxxx
 Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:05 pm
Bit more info

ENGINE: 468 big block chevy. Alum deport heads. Work done by Flo Eng, out of Calif. Alum. pistons and rods by Venolia out of Long Beach, Ca.
Transmission: Dana built by Strange End. out of Chicago. Power glide w/internal brake. 5500stall converter.
Rear End: Dana 60 built by Strange Eng. 4 caliper disk brakes.
Car was built in the 80's to run top fuel, has been converted to run super comp.
 #39408  by jai_ford
 Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:58 pm
Hi there and good luck on your venture, after making a couple of not so wise and costly let's call them mistakes (lessons) if you were being serious on racing think of what class etc you are going to run with or group, and make sure car meets specs and rules or something that can be changed for the right money if that makes sense or look what parts add up to as all the little bits add up on these things so no a bad idea to start with a complete car and build say for instance a new chassis to fit you and be up to date, I can't open your link so just throwing a couple of things for you to think about good luck you've come to the right place a lot of knowledge on here
 #39409  by xxxscimitarxxx
 Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:09 am
Actually you have hit a big nail on the head....chassis to fit me.....and it looks like this one won't.. .built around 5'8" guy 180lbs .... and I'm 6'1" 210...owner reckoned it would be tight

Here's the add .... lot of car for the money but more importantly the right size driver..... which isn't looking like me ... GSTER.html
 #39410  by jai_ford
 Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:45 am
Hi there it's a lot of car for the money if you lived in the states, not sure what n shipping etc exact cost but I would imagine by the time it's here you would be around £12-15k I maybe well out but I like to over estimate, so what I was getting at was if you can't fabricate- weld yourself depending on if you made steel or chromoly new chassis I'd say you could spend £3000 on bare steel chassis upwards just basing on own experiences hope this helps good luck james
 #39412  by ahensman
 Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:12 pm
Couple of other things to consider from this side of the pond.
This guy states "must sell" and "Cash" only deal, no trades.
Just for your info, under US law, any transfer, payment or transaction with documented records (such as a check, wire transfer etc.) where the dollar amount is $10,000 or more is subject to scrutiny by the American tax man (Internal Revenue Service or as we like to call it "the INFERNAL revenue service"). The only $10,000+ deals that don't get reported to the tax man are private deals done as cash-in-hand with no documented records. If you're planning to do wire transfer of funds or the like, it might be held up by a US government investigation.

Being in the money lending business, there are a couple of US Government departments that could get involved. One is the aforementioned IRS, but the other is The Department of Homeland Security. You don't want to red-flag those guys as right now they are watching a lot of financial transactions as a result of ISIS activity. Even Americans refinancing their mortgage (where they are cashing out accrued equity) are required to sign a document permitting the US Government access to snoop around in their bank accounts to ensure the money is not being sent to terrorist groups.

Also, and so you know, there are people here in the US who often put $9,999 cash down payment on a new car (and finance the rest) so the dealership doesn't have to report it to the tax man or Homeland Security. Then they don't have to explain to the government where the money came from.

Presently, Las Vegas is the US city with the highest number of foreclosures and there are a lot of bargains to be had as home owners there try to stave off the boogie man from repossessing their homes.

It might pay for you to hop on a flight and go see the car and even try it for size. A round trip flight may only cost $500 or so and that's a lot cheaper than a 12,000 pound ($16,000) mistake.
If it was professionally built, then it should have a whole lot of documentation attached to it. It should have a chassis number or certificate that can be traced back to who built it and how it was built including the specs and possibly the blue prints. That way you would know if it can be modified.
If it is a "backyard special" with little or no documentation, then you could be laying out a lot of cash for a "pig in a poke".

just thoughts
Good luck with your plans
 #39414  by xxxscimitarxxx
 Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:39 pm
Hi again guys and thank you for all the useful response.....

The rig has been owned by the same guy for past 8 years but not run or therefore certified in the past 3...meaning it's looking at least a bit pokey even if fundamentally it's not a pig

I have done a good deal off American car importing to UK over the past 30 years ....however that being said in this day and age of terrorist money moving around it's understandable that rules and checks change

And you are right about being wary of a rip happened to me for $10000 on a 69 dodge challenger in texas 5 years back.....had a happy end tho being as I persued it and the guy was caught by the dallas and forced to pay....he got some jail time too....if that had been England the old bill would have done nothing

But re this deal.....i would almost do it for the trailer the trans and the motor of I had a project car on the go for it to go in....just not this time and I will therefore probably pass on it

I did speak to the owner John.. ... he's 75 with race gas in his veins....very knowlegable about the car and the sport in general.....the deal is certainly not a rip off