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From Lee Gallimore
Can be bought as a a roller or complete with engine and trans . I'm helping Brian Gandy to sell this car so any questions please contact him on this email. Chassis is 10.1E. Engine is 500 ci Keith Black with Brad Anderson fuel heads. SSI 1471 supercharger. Enderle short and ugly and fuel system. Steel clutch can. Titan 10" alky pedal clutch (almost new). 3 speed lenco transmission air shifted. 9" axle with lenco centre section complete with cw pro gears. This set up as an Altered has run in the 7.2s/190++ mph and is very capable of running well into the 6s at over 200 mph. I can vouch for that 7.2sec 1/4 run as I was right next to it when it did it. This is a very fast car and fully tagged chassis and would also pass in the new top fuel nostalgia funny car class. The funny car body is one of the best I've seen looks and is fantastic condition
Px also very welcome hot rod etc camper van.
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