Do you own or know the whereabouts of a piece of UK Drag Racing History or just want info on a particular machine.

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 #29461  by jaytee
 Fri May 25, 2012 7:49 am
just came along this thread with google, i´m the actual owner of the apollo altered :) Nice to read a bit of it´s history! Any more pictures, or infos about it? When and where was it excactly built? The picture is how it looks today, hope to race it soon! Now has 13b Rotary engine with many many mods and huge turbo and glide tranny...

best regards
Markus Witte (germany) ;)

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!00a3 001.jpg
 #30145  by muddytalker
 Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:35 am
Wow, there's loads of info there and some pictures I have never seen of the car before. Thanks for posting the link. I'll definitely need to go to Sec Savers to read it all :lol:
 #30174  by Angelo
 Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:46 pm
Hi, I am the new owner of Henry's Revenge,I am hoping to rebuild it. Could do with some tips on the chassis. Thanks, Ang
 #30262  by MotorPsycho
 Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:10 pm
The Plan-X slingshot went to Gary Kay after Bill and Jon had it. He turned it into a two piece car but sold it to a Swedish guy without running it.
 #34245  by herb andrews
 Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:46 pm
ukdrn wrote:
Millevanille wrote:
Back to the thread one of Norm's best. Am trying desperately to get it back on the track for Dragstalgia.
Watch this space.
Sound interesting Tim, what's the chances then?
Did this happen Tim?, asking as I saw 'Spiderman' on the York webcam today.

 #34247  by ukdrn
 Sun Sep 29, 2013 8:45 pm
Julian and Roy have been working on the car for a while and it did run at York Herb.
Roy had a couple of runs, not bad at 74 Years old and 25 since he last drove it.
Last run of the day they ran 9.5.
 #34250  by herb andrews
 Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:23 pm
ukdrn wrote:Roy had a couple of runs, not bad at 74 Years old and 25 since he last drove it.
Last run of the day they ran 9.5.
Thanks for the info Jon.
Good for Roy, glad to see he's got the altered back on the track. I remember the first day he turned up at the Pod with it, early 80's, along with the short wheelbase mini tow car, had a few typical new car 'bugs', so we gave them a hand, ably assisted by 'young' Julian, who was knee high to a grass hopper at the time, s**t that's 30 years ago!!
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