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Nostalgia Altered For Sale

PostPosted:Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:25 pm
by Grim Reaper
"Grim Reaper" nostalgia altered.508ci blown BBC.Ran 8's on carbs and petrol with 8-71.Engine rebuilt by ICE Silverstone with new Bowtie block,Enderle injection on alcohol.Mallory mag.Rebuilt P/glide/Superbell,120in.frame reputedly ex-Pat Foster "Chicago Patrol",tagged 7.50.Vintage '60,'s mags;ARE 5 spokes & Halibrand Bear Claws with M&Hs.Geoff Hauser built Dana 60 with 2 ratios.'23 T body.1800lbs.5 shakedown runs only on new engine.Near £40000 spent over last decade, £24500.Call Chris 07802 213021.Thanks for the ad.