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 #39925  by Marshy
I am selling a ford fiesta mk1 drag car , tube funny car chassis , steel shell lifts up and off , pinto 2.0 turbo on twin 50s 400-500bhp , 9” spool axle , 4 speed quife gearbox . Ring for more details £7000. Cheers
 #40102  by Marshy
Price now £5500

Bit more information to add

built in the late 70s from a less than a year old fiesta ghia .

The shell is all steel fiesta mk1 with fibreglass bonnet and boot , perspex windows, it is stretched 6 inches on the wings forward , its wheelbase is same as ford escort mk1/2 . The whole shell lifts up and can be removed like a funny car .

The chassis is a fully tubular spaceframe made up of reynolds tubing built around a mk1 escort rollcage. It is very nice and neat a profesional job.

engine is a english ford pinto 2.0 engine . Very special . Small block chevy superod alloy conrods , flat top forged pistons , block / head studded and both are heavily reworked , crane cam , roto master turbo on a twin scroll manifold with ex wastgate , weber twin 50 dcoes on custom plenum and inlet. It doent have an intercooler and has used water injection. Holbay external water ways and water pump system. Holbay cam cover.

The owner / builder was good friends with buddy ingersol in the usa, the information / data and the parts were supplied by him to build the engine.

This new engine has 2 hours use from new rebuild and that was in 1985 when the car was run in and put into storage untill now.

Quaife 4 speed dog box is externally and internally braced to take the 400-500bhp from the engine , the clutch is a slipper / slider type with adjustable weights supplied my martin schanke .

ford 9” back axle with a spool diff , two piece strange shafts , 2 piece prop , located by ladder bars and panhard rod , wheelie bar .

The car ran a 10.1sec quarter mile at pod in the 80s , i have a folder full of paperwork and few period photos.

the inside is all nice and aluminium paneled , chronometric rev counter , smiths gauges , fire extingisher ,

its a very nice original car needing minimal work to be back in buisness. It comes with spare parts and information for the engine.
 #40127  by NitroWars
Any idea what class this vehicle ran in? Full race number will give a clue. Did the car have a name and who was the driver? I was race secretary for the BDRA in 1985 and I can't recall this vehicle
 #40128  by timetravel
SANTA POD APRIL '83 020.jpg
SANTA POD APRIL '83 020.jpg (59.83 KiB) Viewed 23981 times
I think it's this one raced by Peter Hodgett in Top Modified. Pic from 1983.